Here’s how to unfollow, block, or report someone on Facebook

If you follow a person or Page on Facebook, their content will appear in your News Feed. If for any reason you no longer want to follow them, you just have to close them unfollow. It’s easy: visit the profile and click the button Manage Follow Settings tap.

Manage Follow SettingsManage Follow Settings

A few options will appear on the screen. In this case, is the option you’re looking for Unfollow. Click on it to unfollow the profile or page.

Select and unfollow preferencesSelect and unfollow preferences

In certain situations it is even advisable to to block usersso that he/she can no longer contact you. So the first step should be to gain access to their profile. From there, click the three dots button to see more options.

Open the contact's optionsOpen the contact’s options

choose To blockto continue.

block contactblock contact

The pop-up alert will let you know about any consequences of blocking a user on Facebook. If you are sure, confirm with the Block button.

Confirm blockingConfirm blocking

Finally, we address another sensitive issue. If you believe a user is violating Facebook’s Terms of Service or using Facebook to send spam, you may be able to do so reporting tools to disposal. We also recommend that you use the method below if another person has insulted, aggressively, or harassed you. First, go to their profile and tap the three dots button.

Open more options for the contactOpen more options for the contact

click on seek support or report profile.

report profilereport profile

Select the reason you want to report the user from the list of options.

Select reporting reasonSelect reporting reason

Confirm the report with the button Finished.

Confirm send messageConfirm send message

Not only are you reporting the user, you’re also unfollowing and blocking the user. It is very important that you only use this tool in extreme cases. Otherwise Facebook can you penalize for improper use of the reporting tool.

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