Here’s how you can read and reply to messages on WhatsApp without being online

There are several ways to prevent other users from knowing that you are online on WhatsApp are, including reading and replying to messages. In this article we put them all together and explain step by step how to do it.

Use the privacy settings in WhatsApp

The easiest way to hide your status on WhatsApp is through the app’s privacy settings. That’s where you should go Account tap.

Whatsapp settingsWhatsapp settings

Then open privacy.

privacy sectionprivacy section

tap Last online.

Last seen settingsLast seen settings

choose Nobody.

Don't show anyone recently onlineDon’t show anyone recently online

Then you uncheck the box read receipt.

Disable read receiptsDisable read receipts

From that point on, no one can see that you’re online or know if you’ve read the messages or not. Don’t forget that if you enable these options, you won’t have this information available when interacting with other contacts either.

Activate airplane mode

Another interesting way to prevent other users from seeing that you’ve read a message is to turn on airplane mode. If someone texts you and you get a notification, turn on airplane mode. This setting is normally available via the info box.

Activate airplane modeActivate airplane mode

After activation, your device will be disconnected from the network. Then go to WhatsApp to read the received message. When you’re done, close the app completely and re-enable the internet connection by disabling airplane mode. This way WhatsApp will not inform other users that you were online.

use notifications

Notifications are great for reading and replying to messages offline. In the first case, all you have to do is swipe down the notification to see the full content of the message. And when you want to reply, you tap answers.

Reply to a conversation right in the notificationReply to a conversation right in the notification

Then you enter your message and send it off. Since WhatsApp remains closed, neither the read status nor the last connection is recorded.

Read your chats offline with Blue Tick

Blue Tick is the latest alternative that we propose in this article. It is an app that records all incoming WhatsApp notifications and categorizes them as conversation by contact. In short, a parallel history is created for each chat. Thanks to this feature, you can read any received message without opening WhatsApp and without being online.

Download and install the Blue Tick application and grant it the necessary permissions. Then wait until you receive a WhatsApp message. Open the app and tap the relevant conversation.

Conversations in Blue TickConversations in Blue Tick

Check the contact’s message log.

Read conversations without opening WhatsAppRead conversations without opening WhatsApp

When your message notifications arrive, Blue Tick will play them back in the form of a conversation. So you can check the messages without having to open WhatsApp.

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