How big is Fortnite

On our Android device, Fortnite is currently occupied 6,6 GB. You have to keep in mind that current smartphones have an internal memory of about 64-256 GB. So, although it takes quite a lot of space on our phone, it’s rare that we can’t delete another APP or videos and pictures to install the game from Epic Games. Nevertheless, we recommend that you leave a sufficient amount of gigabytes free to be on the safe side.

Size of Fortnite on other platforms

Fortnite is not the same size on Android as it is on other platforms. So takes the game almost twice as much space on the Nintendo Switch with 11.5 GB, while on the PlayStation 4 it’s five times larger than on Android at 32.5GB. And if we go to the PlayStation 5, the installation amounts to 50.2 GB.

In other words: Usually is Fortnite the bigger the more powerful the platform. This is because Fortnite has more detailed and therefore more elaborate structures on powerful consoles.

With every update, the size of Fortnite changes

With every update increases or decreases Fortnite file size. This is due to many technical aspects: optimization, adding new elements, discarding old elements…

A clear example of these incomprehensible size changes is the PC version, which at one point from 90 GB to just 30 GB has been reduced, corresponding to a 67% reduction in size.

So in summary, even if Fortnite occupies X gigabytes on the platform at the moment, you should keep in mind that this can change from one day to the next and increase significantly.

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