How do I request a verified badge for my Instagram profile

How do I request a verified badge for my Instagram profile

There are over 1 billion active users on Instagram.

So even if you have a rare name, there’s a good chance someone else with that name is also on Instagram. If you have a page for your business, someone else may have a similar or identical username.

But it’s not like just anyone can get it. (And if they could, that would render it meaningless.) There are a lot of hoops to jump through before you can even hope to get verified.

In this guide, we’ll teach you exactly how to get verified on Instagram, including 5 extra tips to ensure you get that blue check next to your name.

How Many Followers Do You Need to Get Verified on Instagram?

There are no hard and fast rules about exactly how many followers you need to get verified on Instagram.

But you don’t need millions, or even hundreds of thousands of fans to get verified.

If you’re active on the platform and have a recognizable brand (personal or otherwise), you can get there with a much smaller follower base.

MMA fighter Brian Kelleher has a verified account with “only” 17,000 followers.

So followers obviously aren’t everything. Many other factors impact whether or not Instagram accepts your verification request.

Can a Normal Person (or Business) Get Verified on Instagram?

The short answer is yes. It’s not as hard as you think. A normal person or small business can get verified on Instagram.

But it’s not like everyone can just roll up and demand a blue badge without putting some work in.

You need a sizable Instagram following before applying. Think at least a few thousand followers. But we’ve already established that followers alone aren’t the whole puzzle.

So if followers aren’t everything, who exactly is eligible to get verified on Instagram? What characteristics do you or your account need?

The official requirements are quite simple.

  • Real: The Instagram profile must represent a real person or business.
  • Unique: It must be the only (legitimate) Instagram account representing the person or business (except for language-specific accounts).
  • Completed profile: You need a completed bio, a profile picture, and at least one Instagram post.
  • Noteworthy: You or your business must have established brands that are often searched for or mentioned in multiple news sources.


The first three points are simple and to the point. Pretty much every Instagram user ever meets those requirements.

But the last requirement of being noteworthy is a little bit more tricky. Based on analyzing many smaller verified Instagram accounts, we’ve noticed a few trends.

  • Online mentions: You don’t need to be a famous actor; getting covered in industry publications or even blogs and podcasts also matters.
  • Established brand: Your website is the top Google result, etc.
  • Decent-sized social media following: Even if Instagram specifically is still small.
  • Vulnerable to impersonation: Are there fake accounts pretending to be you or your business?


You don’t need to become an actual celebrity. You just need to prove that your online brand is worth something.

How to Send Your Application to Get Verified on Instagram

Getting your account verified used to be a process filled with smoke and mirrors. Nothing was official, and many turned to shady dealers who promised they could get it done.

But ever since 2018, it’s been a public process built straight into the Instagram app itself.

Anyone can apply.

Things to do before you apply

Everyone can apply, but far from everyone will get accepted and verified.

To boost your chances, there are a few things you should do before you send in your application.

Do you already have an established digital brand through organic SEO and other social media channels?

If not, focus on building your brand first, before sending in the application.

Are you actively using Instagram to its full potential?

If you’re not posting daily, using stories, and all the other publicly available features, start doing so. Proving that you’re invested in the platform is a great way to win some extra goodwill.

These aren’t the only factors that impact whether or not you get accepted, but they make a real difference. Read our tips section below for more detailed information.

Step 1: Log into your account and open the settings

Log into your account, visit your profile page, and open the drop-down menu.

From there, you should see a link to the settings at the bottom of your phone screen.

How do I request a verified badge for my Instagram profile
How do I request a verified badge for my Instagram profile

Tap the settings menu to proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Navigate to the Verification Application

Once you’ve opened the settings, scroll down until you see the “Account” link, and tap it.

How do I request a verified badge for my Instagram profile
How do I request a verified badge for my Instagram profile

From there, you should see the “Request Verification” link in the menu. Click it to continue to the application page.


Step 3: Fill out the application

Finally, all that’s left is to fill out the application and send it.

How do I request a verified badge for my Instagram profile
How do I request a verified badge for my Instagram profile

Note: Lying about personal details or falsifying proof can lead to losing your badge or even getting your account deleted. Be honest.

Make sure you also consider these things when filling out each field:

  • Full Name: If you use your original name for your Instagram account, your full name is enough. If it’s a business account, you need the full name of the owner or an employee whose name appears on your official business documents. It must be their full name, as it appears on official identification.
  • Known as: For personal accounts, you should use a common alias or nickname. Your followers may know you by your initials rather than your full last name. For business accounts, just type your company name.
  • Category: Choose the category that makes the most sense for your account. If it’s a business account and no other categories fit, choose business/brand, not other.
How do I request a verified badge for my Instagram profile
How do I request a verified badge for my Instagram profile

Once you’ve filled everything out and chosen your category, you need to upload a photocopy of your ID.


Choose the file, upload it, and your application is ready to send. Click the send button to finalize your application.

All that’s left to do is wait.

How Long Does It Take to Get Verified on Instagram?

While there’s no official timeline, most users who submit a request are verified within 30 days.

There’s a wide range of timeframes reported by different users online. For some, it took as little as a few hours or minutes. Others report waiting weeks or even months before they got their verification marks.

Either way, you shouldn’t just passively wait after submitting your application. Stay active on Instagram and work on your online brand in general to improve your chances.

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