How do I unblock if I’ve been blocked on WhatsApp?

When someone blocks you on WhatsApp, there is little you can do to lift the restrictions. As long as they have you on their blacklist, you cannot send them messages, photos, videos, or voice memos. You also don’t see their status or the last time they logged in. However, there seems to be a trick you can use to unlock a user-imposed ban. It consists in deleting and re-creating your account.

Preliminary Notes

Before proceeding, note the following points:

  • If you delete your account, WhatsApp will remove you from all groups. So if you sign up again with your number, you’ll have to ask the admins to add you again.
  • Since this is a new account, you may not be able to properly restore your backup. Make a manual backup of anything you want to keep.
  • Until you recreate your profile, nobody can contact you via WhatsApp.

That’s why we advise you to consider whether it is worth breaking the blockage using this method.

How to appear approved on WhatsApp

If you find it very necessary in your case, open the context menu and click Settingto access settings.

View the full list of settingsView the full list of settings

Next, go to the account-related settings.

Go to the account settingsGo to the account settings

Finally, click on the last option in the list to start the account deletion process.

Click Delete My AccountClick Delete My Account

Enter your phone number and follow the on-screen steps.

Enter the required data to delete the accountEnter the required data to delete the account

Once your account no longer exists, uninstall WhatsApp from your phone.

Uninstall WhatsApp from AndroidUninstall WhatsApp from Android

Use the link on this page to download the latest version of WhatsApp and reinstall it on your phone. Run the application and tap the green button below to accept the terms and conditions.

Accept the terms and conditionsAccept the terms and conditions

Enter your phone number to create a new account. Since you have already deleted your account, you can enter the same number that you used before.

Confirm phone number to create the accountConfirm phone number to create the account

Start a conversation with the contact who blocked you. You can now send messages and any other content supported by WhatsApp.

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