How Fortnite for Android works

Fortnite is a multiplatform video game, which offers cross-play between players from different devices. That’s why we can play from our Android mobile with other people who play Fortnite on PlayStation, Nintendo, Xbox, PC… However, each version of Fortnite has its own peculiarities. We will inform you about those that apply to Android.

Lower graphics load, limited performance

On Android, Fortnite has a lower graphics load than on the latest generation of consoles. As on the PC, not all smartphones and tablets have the same technical specifications. In the case of Android, Epic Games has therefore decided to create a version with textures of a slightly higher quality than that of the Nintendo Switch, the least powerful version of the game.

Fortnite has options to configure the performance on our Android deviceso those who have the latest on the market can enjoy 60FPS and a fairly high graphic quality (although without reaching that of the PlayStation 4 Xbox One), while those who do not have such a powerful mobile phone can at least play the game with the able to perform minimum requirements.

Touch control or with a controller

In Fortnite for Android we can choose whether to use the touch controls provided by the game itself or to connect a controller to play more comfortably. Those who play with touch controls have a small handicap: more auto aiming. Even if we don’t aim exactly at the enemy player, the crosshair will be positioned over his head very slightly. There is also auto-aiming on the controller, but much less.

Dedicated servers

In Battle Royale modes (Solitaire, Duo, Squads or Team Fray) we only compete against Android and Nintendo Switch players. That’s because both versions have the biggest downside, both graphically and in terms of controls. Neither version can be played with a keyboard and mouse, so we wouldn’t be playing evenly against players from other consoles and PC who can.

On the other hand, when we play the Arena mode, we connect to the same servers and can thus test firsthand the huge difference between us and other players.

No Save The World mode

The mode Save The World is not available on Android. While not required to play Fortnite’s other modes, Save The World offers rewards in the form of V-Bucks that Android players cannot enjoy.

Other than that, Fortnite generally works the same on Android as it does on all other platforms. For a qualitative high quality cross play a game must work very similarly on all consoles and devices.

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