How Fortnite runs faster

Fortnite has several graphics settings to enable the game smoother and more accurate runs. To access it from the home platform we must touch the menu button.

Press the menu button to enter the menuPress the menu button to enter the menu

Next we have to settings tap.

Press SettingsPress Settings

On the first screen we already see the graphics settings. Of all 3 are very important:

  • Mobile Framerate: Allows you to choose between 20, 30 and 60 frames per second (FPS). The higher it is, the smoother the game looks, although frame drops are also more likely.
  • quality presets: If we want Fortnite to run smoothly, we need the lowest setting Low Select. This will make characters and settings appear with defined textures. So if our device is overwhelmed, it would be good Middle or Hoch set. This is by far the setting that affects game performance the most.
  • 3D resolution: It’s 75% by default, which isn’t bad. If you set a very low percentage, all scenes and characters will be very pixelated, so we don’t recommend lowering it, although it might give you some performance.

Choose the configurations you wantChoose the configurations you want

So, for Fortnite to run fast on our device, we need the maximum FPS value and the minimal quality presets and leave the 3D resolution more or less at 75%. If our mobile is very powerful, in the second section we can choose a medium or high quality and in the third a 100% resolution, obviously at 60 FPS. After changing the settings, we tap Take overfor the changes to take effect.

Press Apply to accept the changesPress Apply to accept the changes

Additional settings

On our smartphone we can make a series of adjustments to improve Fortnite performance as much as possible.

First of all we have to find out if our device has a performance mode or a Game Booster style application of Samsung Galaxy phones. In case we find something like this, what we have to do is choose the most powerful option for Fortnite. This greatly improves performance but also drastically reduces the loading time of our Android device.

There may be performance options for video games on the smartphoneThere may be performance options for video games on the smartphone

Finally, the ideal is to close all the other apps that we have open and the Turn on Airplane mode with Wi-Fi on (we will no longer be making calls). On that last point, however, the change for the better won’t be very noticeable, but it might prevent FPS from occasionally crashing.

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