How the Curse of Disappearance works in Minecraft

In Minecraft there is a large number of enchantments that we can assign to our weapons and armor. This also includes that curse of vanishns, an enchantment that has its advantages and disadvantages.

What is the curse of disappearing

The Curse of Vanishing is an enchantment that allows the enchanted weapon or armor disappears as soon as we lose all lifen. Thanks to this, a player who has just killed us will no longer be able to steal the item from us, since it will disappear forever.

On the other hand, if we B. killed by a Creeper, the curse will affect us negatively because if we return to the area where we died, none of the weapons and armor are available to us eitherwhich we have enchanted with the curse of disappearance.

How to put a curse on an item

In order to cast enchantments, you must first a magic table create. This table can be made with the following components:

  • A book
  • Two diamonds
  • Four obsidian blocks

Make a magic tableMake a magic table

When crafting, the above ingredients must be arranged in the following way:

  • First row: nothing on the sides, book in the middle.
  • Second row: A diamond on each side, an obsidian block in the middle.
  • Third row: Three obsidian blocks.

The magic table allows you to cast enchantments. When you tap on the table, a window will appear in which you can select the item to be enchanted (above) along with Add several units of Lapis Lazuli (below).t. This will show you the available enchantments.

Crafting EnchantmentsCrafting Enchantments

However, the enchantments that will appear are pseudo-random. You can get the Disappearing Enchantment or any other, using a total of three different enchantments. You have to try several different weapons and have some luck for the curse spell to appear. BTW: One way to make better enchantments appear is to use the enchantment table with bookshelf blocks to surround.

Enchant an object with the Book of Enchantment and an Anvil

There is another way to create an enchantment on a weapon. It’s about, to get the book of specific enchantmentn, in this case the curse of disappearance. To get an enchanted book, we can use the enchantment table with a normal book. In this case it is no need to use lapis lazuli for crafting. On the other hand, enchanted books can also be found in chests, bought from a villager with emeralds, or obtained by fishing with a rod.

Once you have the enchanted book you want, you’ll need to use an anvil in addition to the weapon or item you want to enchant. If you don’t have an anvil, here are those needed itemsto create oneno:

  • Three iron blocks
  • Four iron bars

From a crafting table, you must in the following orderplace e:

  • First row: Three iron blocks.
  • Second row: An iron ingot in the middle.
  • Third Row: Three Iron Ingots.

Craft an anvilCraft an anvil

Since the anvil has already been crafted, it’s time to use it to enchant a weapon. On the first square you need to put the object to be enchanted, while on the second – the book with the enchantment. This will make the weapon very easily enchanted.

With the anvil and an enchanted book it is possible to enchant a weaponWith the anvil and an enchanted book it is possible to enchant a weapon

These items can be afflicted with the Curse of Vanishing

Total can 23 different itemse get the vanish curse. They are listed below..

  • Helm
  • Brustpanzer
  • spats
  • Stiefel
  • Spitzhacke
  • shovel
  • Axe
  • sword
  • hoe
  • trident
  • The book
  • crossbow
  • Sign
  • Elythros
  • scissors
  • lighter
  • Compass
  • Fishing routes
  • Fishing rod with carrot
  • Fishing rod with tangled mushroom
  • Pumpkin
  • pumpkin
  • turtle shell

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