How to Activate the Steam FPS Indicator?

How to Activate the Steam FPS Indicator?

Before showing the FPS indicator on Steam, What is Fps? I want to talk a little bit about that.

 The term  FPS  is used in two different ways, First Person Shooter  and  Frames Per Second .

First Person Shooter:  It is a game genre that means first person perspective. For example  , Counter-Strike: Global Offensive  is an  FPS  game. Because you are playing the game from a first person perspective.

Frames Per Second:  It is the number of pictures that appear on the screen per second. It shows how many frames per second your graphics card can render or how many frames per second your monitor can display. The higher the FPS, the higher the number of frames on the screen per second, so our eyes will see a better image. For example, if your computer is  60 FPS  , 60 images can come to your computer screen per second. The higher your FPS, the better. FPS depends on parts such as ram, graphics card, processor. If your graphics card is powerful, your FPS will also increase.

Now I will tell you how to show steam fps in the simplest way. 

Turning On Steam FPS Counter

  • We open the Steam program.
  • Click on Steam in the top left .
  • From here we go to Settings .
  • We come to the In-Game tab. 
  • Here , we select the In-Game FPS Counter section where the fps counter will appear on the screen.

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