How to activate WhatsApp without verification code

WhatsApp asks for a verification code every time you sign in with an account on a mobile phone. To get it, the company offers two methods that you can use receive the key to access WhatsApp can. However, many people wonder if it is possible to access a profile on WhatsApp without having to receive the verification code. The following sections answer your questions and show you the options you have to verify your identity when you log into WhatsApp.

Is it possible to activate WhatsApp without a verification code?

Can WhatsApp be activated without a verification code? The answer is no. The obligation to enter a 6-digit code serves to protect users.

It’s important to remember that the only information you need to enter in WhatsApp to sign up is the phone number is. It is not difficult for other people to get this information, which they could use to log into any profile. Thanks to code verification, only the owner of the number can log into WhatsApp. While it is true that the number alone can start the sign-up process, it will always be necessary to enter the code given to the rightful owner of the account.

In short: there is no way yourself without logging the verification code into WhatsApp (nor should there ever be). Otherwise, the company’s millions of users would no longer be really protected from intruders.

How to Activate WhatsApp Account: All Methods

There are two official methods for logging into WhatsApp and verifying your identity. Here we go through them.


The most common method is this 6-digit password to be received by SMS. To do this, you must deactivate all modes that prevent SMS reception, e.g. B. the airplane mode. WhatsApp will ask you for this code when you try to log in after reinstalling the application or when you want to use the application on a new phone.

It is important to mention that it is not a requirement that the one belonging to your WhatsApp number SIM-Carte inserted into the mobile phone you want to use to log in. In fact, it is possible to verify WhatsApp as long as you have a phone that can receive SMS and has the appropriate SIM card inserted.

How to verify a number with the code received via SMSHow to verify a number with the code received via SMS

How can I verify WhatsApp via SMS? Here are the steps:

  1. Download WhatsApp and install it on your mobile phone.
  2. Enter the phone number associated with your account. Keep in mind that this will require you to be able to receive SMS on the same device on which you have the application installed, or on a different device.
  3. Wait to receive the code via SMS.
  4. Enter the code in WhatsApp.
  5. Finish setting up your account.

This method is the most common when it comes to logging into WhatsApp and verifying the user’s identity. Therefore, it is sometimes used to scam others and “hijack” their accounts. At Malavida, we recommend that you Never send the verification code to anyone and if you receive it unsolicited, ignore the request.

With a phone call

An alternative to get WhatsApp verification code is a phone call. This can be very useful in these cases:

  • If you die SMS for some reason ncan’t receive.
  • If it due to physical limitations it is not possible to read the content of the messages.
  • To in whatsapp one land line set up.

How to verify an account by requiring a call with the codeHow to verify an account by requiring a call with the code

Now how to check WhatsApp with the phone call? That is how it goes:

  1. After installing WhatsApp, enter your phone number.
  2. By default, WhatsApp will likely text you. A timer will appear on the screen, after which you can request a verification call. Click on the Call Me button to continue,
  3. When you get the call, pick up the phone and listen carefully to the code. Don’t worry if you don’t get it the first time. The machine repeats the process several times.
  4. Write them down on a piece of paper or directly into WhatsApp
  5. Set up your account.

The verification code you receive via a phone call also consists of 6 digits. Normally the WhatsApp call is made from abroad. While not common, we cannot assure you that your provider will not charge a special rate when you receive the WhatsApp call.

Can WhatsApp be activated by email?

no WhatsApp only associates your phone number with your account. Hence the company doesn’t know what your real email address is and therefore cannot use it to verify your identity.

In the Support Center, the problem is described very clearly by the following statement: The verification code is required to verify that the number you want to use with WhatsApp is yours. It is necessary to verify the phone number with the codefen that you receive via SMS or phone call. We won’t send the code via email or to any phone number other than the one you’re trying to verify. There is no room for doubt.

Although the company has clarified this, some users state that they managed to verify their WhatsApp account via email. They did it this way:

  • By getting the app and installing it on the phone.
  • Then the Flight mode activate and switch on the WLAN.
  • By entering the phone number in WhatsApp.
  • Allegedly, due to the activation of the airplane mode, WhatsApp offers the possibility verify the account via email.
  • This will give you the verification code via email.

We tried following these steps and we confirm that it works in our case NOT had worked.

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