How to add contacts in Signal

There is no process that automatically adds all contacts in your address book to Signal. Much more every user has to register there voluntarily. If you want to chat with other users on this messaging service, your only option is to invite them and wait for them to create their own profile. Note that you can also check which contacts are already using Signal and enable a notification to let you know when your contacts sign up. We go over everything in this article.

How to invite others to use Signal

Inviting other users to Signal is very easy. In the first step you click on the blue button in the lower right corner of the main screen with the pencil icon. It is used to start new conversations.

Start a new chatStart a new chat

Then scroll to the bottom of the contacts list and tap Invite Signal (invite after signal).

Invite others by signalInvite others by signal

Customize the message, but don’t remove the link in it. Click on share.

Share message about the invitationShare message about the invitation

Choose how you want to share the message. Once your contact receives them, they will need to install and configure Signal themselves.

Select app to shareSelect app to share

Once the contact has their own profile, you can start a joint chat via Signal.

Here’s how to find out which of your contacts are using Signal

Whenever a contact in your address book creates their own Signal account, the contact will automatically appear in the app. To see the contacts currently available in Signal, tap the button to start a new conversation.

Open contact listOpen contact list

Then one can take a look at the contact list. Everyone who appears in this list has a Signal account.

Available ContactsAvailable Contacts

Tap a contact to start a conversation.

How to enable notification of new contacts in Signal

Even though there is no automatic method to add new contacts to Signal, you can be notified each time a new contact joins the service. Go to the app’s settings and tap Notifications.

Setting notificationsSetting notifications

Scroll to the bottom of the list and activate Contact joined Signal.

Enable notifications for new usersEnable notifications for new users

From then on, you’ll get a notification every time one of your contacts enters Signal.

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