How to add friends in Fortnite

To add friends in Fortnite, there are two methods: from within the game itself or from within the Epic Games application. Adding through the Fortnite Home platform is the fastest and most convenient, but for very specific cases it may be better to use the Epic Games Launcher program. For this reason we explain both methods.

Requirements for adding friends in Fortnite

Before we explain how to add friends, we should remember a few prerequisites.

  • First of all, console players need to enable cross-platform play in order to play with Android friends.
  • On the other hand, we have to Epic Nickname of our friend to be able to add him. And beware, the Epic nick is not the same as the player’s name on the console (if playing on PlayStation, Xbox or Nintendo). The name we need is the one that appears when you connect to the Epic Games website or platform.

Add friends from Fortnite

We just have to tap on the menu on the left (option key or + on the controller) to bring up the friends menu.

Button that we must touch to reach the friends menuButton that we must touch to reach the friends menu

A menu opens in which we click on the tab Add Friend (add friends) and then directly into the field Enter Display Name (Display name) enter. As the box indicates, we must enter the player’s name.

Steps to add friends from the home platformSteps to add friends from the home platform

After entering the name, all matching results are displayed. This is useful because we can find a friend even if we only remember part of his nickname.

We are looking for the Epic name or part of itWe are looking for the Epic name or part of it

Once we find our friend’s name among the results, we tap on it and click Add Friend (Add friend).

We tap on our friend's name and accept the invitationWe tap on our friend’s name and accept the invitation

Add friends from the Epic Games Launcher

We have another way to add friends and that is through the Epic Games Launcher application for computer (PC), which you can download by clicking on the download below.

In the Epic Games application on the right edge we click on the menu Friends.

We tap on the button to open the friends menuWe tap on the button to open the friends menu

enter. After that we just have to get up Add a Friend click.

We enter our friend's epic nameWe enter our friend’s epic name

If our friend a special character used in his nick (sometimes we see nicks with strange things like: ¯¯¯(ツ)_/¯), we can search for this character in google and then copy and paste it to send the friend invite.

As a last step we have to wait for our friend accepts the friend request. When we receive the friend request we can do it in Fortnite itself from the same menu Add Friends accept by clicking on Accept click in the request.

We click the Accept button to add our friendWe click the Accept button to add our friend

After all that, we’ve already added our friend and we already know all the possible ways to add him. Remember that Fortnite is multiplatform, so you can play from Android with people from PC, PlayStation, Nintendo or Xbox.

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