How to add or remove a payment method on Google Play

If you want to shop on Google Play, you need a payment method to operate on the platform. To add a payment method, you must first open the Google Play app. This can be done from your device’s app menu or by searching for the shortcut if you have it enabled.

Open Google Play on the deviceOpen Google Play on the device

From the Google Play home screen, tap the three stripes icon in the top-left corner.

go to menugo to menu

Then tap Payment types in the menu that opens.

Tap Payment MethodsTap Payment Methods

From there, you can add payment methods to make shopping on Google Play quick and easy. You can add a credit or debit card by entering its number, or add a PayPal or Paysafecard account. It is also possible to pay with a gift card code. You can choose one or more payment methods.

Select an alternative payment methodSelect an alternative payment method

If you have not selected a payment method, you can also add it directly during purchase. If you want to install a payment app from a tab, click the green button that shows the price.

A paid game in Google PlayA paid game in Google Play

Click Next.

Tap NextTap Next

Then the same menu as in the Payment Methods section of Settings will appear.

Available payment optionsAvailable payment options

On the other hand, if you want to remove a payment method, go back to Google Play’s main menu. Tap More payment settings.

Open option to remove payment methodsOpen option to remove payment methods

This will open a Google Payments website with your payment methods. Below that you will see the Delete option. Tap there and then tap Delete again on the next screen. Finally, tap Ok on the final screen.

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