How to blink WhatsApp notifications

We are increasingly using WhatsApp in more and more areas of our lives. It has evolved from a tool for communication between friends and family to a platform for professional environments. For this reason notifications from this application often have priority. In this article, we’ll tell you a simple trick that you can use to catch every single WhatsApp notification. It consists of using your Android device’s camera flash as an alarm. Do you want to know how to activate this function? We explain it to you.

Use the flash for WhatsApp notifications with native options

Some devices allow you to use the flash to notify you when new messages arrive. You have to check if it is present on your device if you want to use the camera light as a notification light.

If your phone is compatible, you can find this option in the Notifications panel. Depending on your level of personalization, it may also be in the accessibility menu. In any case, you should know that devices that include this feature usually don’t allow you to activate it only in WhatsApp. This way, your phone’s flash will turn on every time a notification arrives, regardless of the application.

Use flash for WhatsApp notifications with Flash 3

Flash 3 is an application that enables the flash for notifications on devices that do not offer this function natively. It’s also an interesting option if you only want to use this feature on WhatsApp, since Flash 3 allows you to choose which apps you want it to work on.

After installing the app on your device, open the app and activate the slider at the top of the screen.

Enable flash notificationEnable flash notification

Next tap Notification for Apps.

Enable notification in applicationsEnable notification in applications

Tap in the pop-up dialog OK.

Access to settingsAccess to settings

tap Flash 3to access notification permissions.

Open Flash 3 optionsOpen Flash 3 options

Grant permission and tap Allow once the confirmation message appears.

Allow access to notificationsAllow access to notifications

You will automatically return to Flash 3. Activate WhatsApp in the list. You can also enable this feature in other applications.

select applicationsselect applications

Finally, you configure other settings such as flash intensity or flash speed.

More Flash 3 optionsMore Flash 3 options

From then on, whenever a WhatsApp notification arrives, the camera flash will serve as the notification.

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