How to block ads with Lucky Patcher

Advertising is an integral part of applications and video games. Using tools like Lucky Patcher, you can make internal changes in the software installed on your device, giving you the ability to remove integrated ads completely. All the steps are detailed below so you can do it yourself.

First, open Lucky Patcher and select the application you want to change. To properly identify those who display advertisements, look for the tag “Google Ads found”. You can find it under the name of the respective app. Then view the list of options by tapping the icon and selecting the Patches menu option.

Patch menuPatch menu

Tap on Create modified APK file to continue.

create modified APKcreate modified APK

Then select the option APK ohne Google Ads.

Create APK without adsCreate APK without ads

Now start with the button Rebuild app the modification.

Compile the APK againCompile the APK again

Once the process is complete, the selected application will be free of ads. It should be noted that the Lucky Patcher does not work in all cases. Therefore, even if you have followed all the steps correctly, integrated advertising may still appear.

Removing ads from games and applications is not Lucky Patcher’s only feature. Additionally you can use this tool for many other tasks. For example, you have the option of duplicating some applications and running them at the same time, or logging into two different profiles. Also, it has the ability to remove bloatware applications from the system. Finally, we mustn’t forget about other purposes, like changing app permissions or extracting the APK installation files. As you might expect, all of these features are only available if you have superuser privileges.

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