How to build a blast furnace in Minecraft for Android

In addition to the workbench, the furnace is one of the most important blocks in Minecraft that cannot be missing from your inventory. Furnaces are used for melting metals and cooking food, among other things. That’s why you can build them from the start with only eight stone blocks. Here’s a reminder of her recipe and a detailed look at the Blast Furnace. This block type was added in version 1.14 and has the ability to melt twice as fast as a normal furnace (although this also means it uses twice as much coal).

How to build a furnace in Minecraft

For the normal oven recipe, all you have to do is crush eight stone blocks and place them on the workbench as shown in the image below. So you can get the desired result with a single click and save it in your inventory.

We craft a furnace in MinecraftWe craft a furnace in Minecraft

Once you have placed it, you can use it by clicking on it. You need charcoal (which you can easily find in flat rocky terrain) to make it work. Put them in the bottom hole and put the material you want to melt or cook (if it’s food) in the top hole. Practice makes perfect, so just try the possibilities and results!

How to build a blast furnace in Minecraft?

To build a Blast Furnace, you must have a Furnace, five Iron Ingots, and three Smooth Stones in your inventory. If you’ve followed our guide and visited the link we’ve provided you with, you already know how to get the first two points. With the latter, it’s very simple: you put normal stones in the furnace, with the stones that come out, you put them a second time and get smooth stones as a result.

We bake smooth stone in MinecraftWe bake smooth stone in Minecraft

When you have all the necessary ingredients, you can arrange them in the order shown in the image below and you will get the Blast Furnace as a result.

We craft a blast furnace in MinecraftWe craft a blast furnace in Minecraft

This particular type of furnace is useful when you want to smelt gold or other ores with a longer melting time, because the main feature of the blast furnace is its high capacity and speed. But you can increase your coal reserves, because you will need a lot of coal.

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