How to cancel and cancel a purchase on Wallapop

Buying and selling with Wallapop can be very interesting because there is a wide catalog of products, some of which can no longer be found in other shops or platforms. However, it can happen that you regret the purchase for some reason, e.g. B. because you saw the same product cheaper elsewhere, and cancel the purchase want. While there is no direct and effective method on Wallapop to opt out of this offer, you do have several alternative methods that we present here.

How to cancel a purchase in seller chat

“In conversation you learn to understand the other person” – of course, the quickest way to cancel a purchase you made on Wallapop that you regret is to speak directly to the user who sold you the product. However, if the goods have already been shipped, you must wait for them to arrive before you can return them. If you made the offer to buy and the seller hasn’t shipped the goods, you still have time to cancel the purchase.

To do this, the seller can either reject your purchase offer or cancel it if you have already given them the OK for your purchase request. If you have accepted the offer but do not present the product for delivery to the delivery company (5 days for Correos and 7 days for Seur), the offer will also be considered invalid and will be cancelled.

How to cancel your purchase using Wallapop Customer Service

If you were not able to discuss with the seller via the chat function, you can always contact Wallapop customer service and cancel the purchase from there. You have several options for doing this:

  • Customer Service Website: This link is the easiest way to contact customer service and get an answer as soon as possible.
  • Social media: DM on Twitter or a message on their Facebook page. In this case we recommend Twitter as it is the quickest way to get an answer.
  • E-Mail: [email protected]
  • Wallapop App: There is no direct chat with customer service, but there is a help center where you can find numerous answers to all sorts of questions and problems.

You can contact Wallapop customer service in a number of waysYou can contact Wallapop customer service in a number of ways

A fourth option, less recommended due to its complexity, is to go to the Wallapop offices in person: Avinguda Meridiana, 89, 6, 08026 Barcelona. If you are in Barcelona and your problem cannot be solved in any other way, then you can come in person to make your request or send a letter by post to the address provided.

How to get your money back on Wallapop

If you managed to cancel your purchase, you can get your money back within 48 hours. You must have a linked bank card in order for the money to be transferred back to the card you used to make the purchase. The period for starting the refund begins when Correos has confirmed that the package has been sent back (in the case of a return) or when the seller cancels your purchase offer.

In general, even if it takes a few days for the money to be back in your account, there is no need to worry because Wallapop is a platform and therefore also a safe app: it is safe to buy on Wallapop as long as you have the Follow rules and use the app safely.

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