How to change and increase the tempo of WhatsApp audios

WhatsApp officially allows increase audio playback speed. This is a very handy way to reduce the time it takes to listen to a voice memo in its entirety. How can you achieve this?

Open the conversation and tap the voice memo’s play button.

Start playing the audio fileStart playing the audio file

Tap the contact’s profile picture.

Tap on the profile pictureTap on the profile picture

A speed slider will immediately appear on the right side of the player. Tap repeatedly to choose the desired speed. You can choose between 1x, or the current speed, 1.5x, which is 50% faster, or 2x, i.e. double the playback speed.

Change playback speedChange playback speed

Remember that this attitude applies to all audios in a conversation. For example, if you set the speed to 2x for a voice memo, the next playback will also be at 2x speed. To return to the original speed, simply select 1x again.

This feature is available for all users with the latest version of WhatsApp. However, if for some reason you are unable to update, we offer you another solution.

Change the Speed ​​of WhatsApp Audios with TalkFaster!

TalkFaster! is a very simple application that will help you change the speed of audio files even if you can’t use this native function in WhatsApp.

After downloading and installing the app, go to the conversation and long press on the audio message.

Tap and hold the audio fileTap and hold the audio file

Select the option to share the voice memo.

Split the audio fileSplit the audio file

Then click on the TalkFaster icon.

Open audios with TalkFaster!Open audios with TalkFaster!

In the dialog that opens, choose the speed at which you want to play the voice memo.

Change audio speed with TalkFaster!Change audio speed with TalkFaster!

Then simply exit TalkFaster to continue using WhatsApp.

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