How to change country in Google Play

Changing the country in the Google Play Store is possible, but also complex. They must meet different requirements depending on the scenario. It is not possible to freely change the country in the shop. Rather, a Google account is linked to a specific country depending on the IP address or payment method set up, and a change is officially expected only if you change your place of residence.

I have a google account, I moved out

The scenario envisaged by Google is that you have changed your residence. In this case, the first thing you have to do is open Google Play and tap the icon in the top left corner, right in the search box.

Go to the Play Store menuGo to the Play Store menu

From here, go into the area Account.

Press AccountPress Account

This new window is divided into tabs. The one that opens by default is Settings. Below you can see the area countries and profiles. There you have the available countries to choose from.

Choose your new country based on your IP addressChoose your new country based on your IP address

Logically you only see the configured country and the new option according to your IP and location.

If you haven’t already linked a payment method to this new account, the setup process will start on the screen. You must provide an initial payment method that matches the country you are setting up. This will create a new Google payments profile associated with the store in that country. You can then add more payment methods from anywhere. After the change, which can take up to 24 hours, you can access the Play Store in the new country.

Before you change the country on your Google Play account, there are a few important things to keep in mind. At Google Play you can download the country only change once a year. So once you change it, you have to wait a whole year to change it again. Also, if you choose a different country, you won’t have access to the corresponding Google Play balance in the previous country.

Google recommends changing your Google Play country when you move to a new country. Google Play content may vary by region, so it may differ depending on your settings.

Using a VPN to switch countries in Google Play

Another option is to use a VPN to simulate being somewhere else before accessing the store. Yes, it is possible, but there is one condition: we need to create a new Google account. Otherwise it won’t work. To do this, first download and install a VPN. Although the best ones aren’t free, we’ve made it with the free Hotspot Shield servers.

Once the app is installed, connect to another of the available countries.

Hotspot Shield-VPNHotspot Shield-VPN

Now go to the store and select the user icon at the top right. Next, go to the store and select the Add another account icon from the pop-up menu and complete the setup of the new user account at the top right.

Creating a new Google accountCreating a new Google account

Once you’ve finished setting up the new user, Google Play will typically show content from the country the VPN was set up for. To be sure, go to the Settings section in the Google Play menu. Below you should see the country that the Play Store assigned you.

Play Store recognizes that we are in CanadaPlay Store recognizes that we are in Canada

If you want to avoid problems, a simple solution is to use the Download apk files of applications. This way you don’t have to change the country to have access to all apps.

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