How to change DNS in Windows 10?

One of the network settings you can change in Windows 10 is DNS. Although these are usually obtained automatically, it is also possible to to use a specific DNS server. If you want to change it yourself, read on. How it works:

First, the settings of Windows 10 must be called. Among the categories displayed there is Network & Internet. You have to click on it to continue.

network optionsnetwork options

In the list of site sections, click WLAN. If your computer is wired, the word will Ethernet displayed in the list.

WiFi optionsWiFi options

In both cases the link Change adapter options available on the right side of the window. Select it to access options for the different network adapters installed on your computer.

Change adapter optionsChange adapter options

A new panel window will open. In it you select the adapter on which you want to change the DNS server. Right-click to bring up the context menu and then click Characteristics click.

adapter propertiesadapter properties

A list of different elements is displayed in the properties dialog. In this case it is about Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4). After you have selected these, click on the button Characteristics. It’s important that you don’t uncheck the box on the left.

TCP propertiesTCP properties

Finally, in the newly opened window, the option Use the following DNS server addresses to be activated. This will enable the text boxes below. It must include the IP of both the primary and alternate servers.

Change DNS of adapterChange DNS of adapter

When the configuration is complete, the changes are confirmed with the button OK approved. The same must be done in all open windows. Keep in mind that these settings only apply to the adapter you choose. So if there is more than one network adapter, the process must be repeated for each of those adapters.

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