How to change ip address in windows 10?

Hello, in this article, we will try to support you with how to change the Windows 10 ip address , how to do it, how to do it. If you want to change the IP address for any reason in the Win10 operating system , which is the latest favorite of Microsoft, this article will be for you.


There are two different types of IP addresses on the computer, internal and external. Internal IP addresses are distributed by DHCP servers or Adsl Modem with DHCP feature so that computers and printers can communicate and communicate with each other in the same network.

To give the simplest and most memorable examples of these IP addresses , the IP addresses we use to enter the modem interface, such as, are internal IP addresses.

External IP addresses are the IP addresses given to you by your internet provider, namely TurkTelekom, Turksat, to connect to the internet. These ip addresses can be fixed (static ip) as well as dynamic ie variable ip addresses.

Fixed ip addresses are generally web site ip addresses, ip addresses used for security cameras are generally fixed ip addresses that do not change. These IP addresses are rented from the internet provider company for a certain monthly fee.

Variable IP addresses, that is, dynamic IP addresses, are given to normal users. This has a period of 6 days, after which it changes on its own or when you turn the Adsl Modem on and off, a different ip address is automatically assigned as a new ip address.

Why does the ip address change, usually users who play games on the internet can change it to enter with a new ip address if they are banned from the ip address when they get banned in the game. But for Windows 10, we can usually change the internal ip address to configure within the network, or we can manually change the ip address as a fixed ip address.


Now, our main topic is how to change the ip address in Win10, is it difficult or easy to change it, we will try to explain it to you with a picture explanation.

First, let’s learn our internal ip address, then after changing it, let’s check if our ip address has really changed.


Let’s find out our current used ip address. For this, what is our ip address used with the dos command, how to find out?

  • Press the Windows key + the letter R together.
  • Let’s type the cmd.exe command in the run window .
  • Let’s type the ” ipconfig ” command in the command client window that will open

How to change ip address in windows 10?

The IP address used by the Wi-Fi network card we used on my computer above uses as the IPv4 Address .

Now, if I need to change it with the dos command, I can change the Windows 10 ip address with the steps below .

  • Again, let’s change the above by typing the following commands in the dos window.
  • ipconfig /release this command releases the ip address. Our computer releases the ip address.
  • The ipconfig /renew command allows you to get a new ip address. After this command, you will get a new ip address.

You can change the ip address with the dos command by assigning a new ip address to your computer with the steps above .


Now let’s see how to change the ip address manually, for this, let’s change it by following the picture explanation below to assign the ip.

How to change ip address in windows 10?

In the Windows 10 operating system, we open the internet connection icon in the taskbar and enter the section that says Network & Internet Settings in the 2nd field.

How to change ip address in windows 10?

In this area , we enter the part that says network and sharing center . Here we enter the Ethernet card that uses your computer’s internet and is connected to the internet.How to change ip address in windows 10?

We will enter the section that says “ Change adapter settings ” with the steps above . In this part, you will see the Ethernet cards defined on our computer, but we enter the card you connect to the internet and we will change the ip address that way.

How to change ip address in windows 10?

We hover over the Ethernet adapter that uses the Internet and enter the Properties tab with the right button of our mouse.

How to change ip address in windows 10?

To change the IP address, we will enter the section that says internet protocol version 4 ( TCP / IPv4 ) in this features section. Currently, the IPv6 version is not used.

How to change ip address in windows 10?

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