How to change the background of WhatsApp chats

WhatsApp includes some customization options, which you should know if you want to customize the look of your app to suit your personal preferences. This time it’s about wallpapers for conversations.

Change background image on a specific chat

With WhatsApp you can change the background image in each conversation individually. To do this, first go to the chat in question and open the context menu with the button with the three vertical dots. Then you click background image.

Background image optionsBackground image options

Choose a background category. If you want to select a photo from your own gallery, click my photos.

Choose a background categoryChoose a background category

Choose a wallpaper to continue.

    Selecting a background image Selecting a background image

On the preview screen, tap the button to confirm Set wallpaper.

Set picture as conversation backgroundSet picture as conversation background

A pop-up message will appear. Choose the first option for the background image to be used in the selected conversation. The second option is for setting the image as the background for all conversations provided the screen interface light mode is enabled. Finally, click OK to continue.

Choose which chats to use the background inChoose which chats to use the background in

You can also repeat this process to restore the default background or choose a different image.

Change the background in all conversations

If you change the background in all conversations go to WhatsApp settings.

Open WhatsApp settingsOpen WhatsApp settings

Tap the section Chatsto see all related settings.

Access to chat settingsAccess to chat settings

tap background image.

General chat background optionsGeneral chat background options

Use the bottom button to change the wallpaper.

Change background for light modeChange background for light mode

Choose a category to browse the available wallpapers.

Select wallpaper categorySelect wallpaper category

Then repeat the above steps. If you set the picture as wallpaper, it will be used in all conversations, including groups.

Change surface mode to change the background

WhatsApp uses a different conversation background for dark and light mode. Previously we explained how to change the background image of chats in light mode.

To the change background in dark mode though, you have to activate it first. Go to the Chats section in Settings and click Theme.

Application themeApplication theme

Then activate the option Dark.

Choose the interface mode for changing the backgroundChoose the interface mode for changing the background

Now use the methods we have covered in this guide to change the dark mode background. The app remembers the background selected in the respective user interface, even if it changes automatically according to the system settings.

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