How to change the language in WhatsApp on Android

Using WhatsApp in your language is very easy. If you’ve looked at your app’s settings, you’ll have noticed that it no language selection option are. This is because the app automatically adapts to the language set on your phone. WhatsApp is translated into one of 60 languages ​​on Android. And if you’re an iOS user, you can use the service in around 40 languages.

To use WhatsApp in your preferred language, you must first go to your phone’s settings. tap Additional settings. Depending on the level of personalization, the name of this section may vary.

additional optionsadditional options

tap Language & Region. If you can’t find this section in Settings, use the app’s own search function in Settings.

Language and Region OptionsLanguage and Region Options

Now you can add the language you want to use. Tap on it add languageto continue.

add languageadd language

Select your desired language from the list.

Choose a languageChoose a language

Once added, the language will appear at the bottom of the list of languages ​​on Android. To change the phone’s language, scroll to the top of the list. Use the three horizontal lines to sort the languages ​​added to your phone.

Change language priorityChange language priority

You will be prompted to confirm the change. Tap to finish [Sprache] change.

Confirm language changeConfirm language change

The phone will immediately change language. In addition, all applications that do not have a special setting for changing the language will be adjusted. This is the case with WhatsApp. The next time you log in, the language you chose will be used. But what if the language you chose is not available in WhatsApp? In this case, we recommend adding a second option to the list. This way, WhatsApp will use the first available language in the order you specify.

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