How to change the language in Windows 10

With Windows 10 you can the system language and other components without much effort to adjust. This is also possible if the installation was made in a different language. To change this setting, open PC settings. You can do this from the Start menu.

Open Windows configurationOpen Windows configuration

Then search the field Time & Language (time & language) and click to open it.

Regional settings of the systemRegional settings of the system

Open the entry languagewhich is in the list of options on the left side of the page.

Open language settingsOpen language settings

choose now Windows displayto change the system language. You can do it via the selection menu below. In addition, you can change the language of the applications and the web navigation with the option Apps & websites and those of the keyboard or voice recognition Keyboard (Keyboard) or. Speech (language) change.

Changing the default languageChanging the default language

If you scroll further down you will find the option Preferred Languages. From here you can additional regional language packs Add. You use the button for this Add a language (Add language).

Add more language packs for the preferred languagesAdd more language packs for the preferred languages

Lastly, it is important to change other regional settings so that the system not only adapts to your language, but also to the standards of your region. Click on Regional format.

Change localeChange locale

Use the drop-down menu to select the regional area scheme of the other system elements. A certain calendar notation and one or the other day as the first day of the week are used, or the date display is shown in the correct form. It also uses the 24-hour or 12-hour system, depending on where you are.

Change regional dataChange regional data

The changes will take effect after logging out and logging back in. That’s why Windows will ask you whether you want to do it right away or not. Save any data you don’t want to lose and click Yes, sign out now.

Log out to apply changesLog out to apply changes

When you log back in, Windows will appear in the language you chose.

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