How to change username in Windows 11

Changing your Windows 11 username is easier than you think. There are up to three ways to change the name of an account in the system. do you want to know her

Differences between the displayed name and the username

Before we explain how you den username in Windows 11 change, it is important to make a small clarification. When we use the phrase “username,” we’re referring to the name that Windows displays in areas like the lock screen or the start menu. However, it is also possible that we refer to the name that the system uses to identify an account.

For example, you can create a profile in Windows called Juan Rodríguez and the internal username is jrodriguez. The first is the visible username and the second is the internal one.

Changing the visible username for a local account from the Control Panel

After these explanations, it is time to talk about the methods to change username. In this case, we’ll focus on the visible version, which appears on the lock screen and in the start menu. Go to Control Panel and click User Accounts (user accounts).

Open local account settingsOpen local account settings

Click again User Accountsto see some additional options.

Account InformationAccount Information

Choose the option Change your account name (change your account name) to start the user change process. Note that our account is now test called.

Change account nameChange account name

Enter your new username and confirm your changes with the button Change Name.

Enter new account nameEnter new account name

Now the visible name of the account has been changed.

change account namechange account name

The account that previously used the test name now uses malavida anywhere in the system where this information is displayed.

How to change the visible username on a Microsoft account

if you a Microsoft-Konto linked to your Windows profile, the steps to follow are different. First, open the settings and click on the account avatar in the top left corner of the window. Next you go up Your info and click Accounts.

Account InformationAccount Information

In the next step you have to log in via your browser. When your Microsoft Internet account information opens, click the tab Your info.

Microsoft Account InformationMicrosoft Account Information

Click on the link Edit nameto continue.

edit nameedit name

Enter your first and last name. Fill out the captcha and use the button Saveto save your changes.

Confirm the name changeConfirm the name change

You may need to restart your computer for your username to update correctly.

How to change your account’s internal username

Finally, you will learn how to change the internal username, that is, the one that Windows 11 associates with your account. Use the Windows + R keyboard shortcut to open the Run dialog. Type in the text field netplwiz and press Enter.

Execute desired commandExecute desired command

Choose in the window User Accounts your account (as you can see, in our case it was still test despite the above changes) and click on the button Properties.

Select account propertiesSelect account properties

Change your username by entering the value in the field User name. change If you want to change your account’s visible name from here, you can type it in the text box Full name enter.

Change account nameChange account name

When you’re done, use the button Applyto save your changes. You may need to restart your computer. Changing the internal user of the account can cause some internal errors in the operating system.

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