How to change your Android’s name in Google Play

With Google, you can connect all your devices to the store to enjoy all sorts of content: apps, games, movies and books. If you have more than one device linked, you can use their Personalize names to make identification easier. First, open your device’s browser and search for Google Play on Google.

Search Google Play in GoogleSearch Google Play in Google

Long press on the first result and click Open in new tab.

Open Google Play in a new tabOpen Google Play in a new tab

Go to the tab you just opened and open the side menu by clicking on the three horizontal lines.

Google Play menuGoogle Play menu

Click Settings to open the Google Play settings panel.

Open Google Play settingsOpen Google Play settings

Find the section my devices and click the button To editon the device whose name you want to change.

Edit device nameEdit device name

Enter the name you want.

Enter new nameEnter new name

Swipe right until you see the button To update find. Tap on it to confirm the change.

Update device nameUpdate device name

If you want to perform this process from your computer, then you need to open the Google Play page in your browser and tap the gear icon.

Open Google Play settings on PCOpen Google Play settings on PC

On the next page, scroll down until you see the section my devices find. Use the button To editto rename the device.

Edit device name in Google Play on PCEdit device name in Google Play on PC

Change the name using the newly activated text field and click Update to complete the process.

Update names on Google PlayUpdate names on Google Play

Both the processes described in this article are exactly the same. It doesn’t matter what device or browser you use to change the name of your devices. Of course, if you update this information from your mobile phone, it will be reflected in the desktop version and vice versa.

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