How to change your profile picture on WhatsApp

Changing your profile picture on WhatsApp is one of the easiest and fastest ways to personalize your profile and make it more attractive and interesting. A photo of you also helps your contacts identify you, but you can also include other photos or images. You have complete freedom to choose the image you want.

How to set a new profile picture on WhatsApp

To perform this operation, first open the app and click on the menu button (top right of the screen):

WhatsAuto main viewWhatsAuto main view

There you click on Settings:

Whatsapp menuWhatsapp menu

Then click on your profile picture (or where it belongs if you haven’t set it):

Whatsapp settingsWhatsapp settings

Next, click the camera icon below where you want (or will) have the image appear:

Whatsapp settingsWhatsapp settings

You get three options:

Profile photo optionsProfile photo options

They are explained below:

  • Remove photo: Removes your current profile picture and doesn’t replace it with another one.
  • Gallery: Opens the gallery so you can choose a new photo (without deleting your current photo).
  • Camera: Opens the camera so you can take a picture of yourself or whatever you want.

When you select the photo in the gallery, once you’ve customized it to your liking, click “Done” to set it as your profile picture:

Profile photo from the galleryProfile photo from the gallery

If you upgrade the camera, you can take a picture and if it looks the way you want, click the checkmark to set it as your profile picture (otherwise, click the cross and take another picture until you join are satisfied with the result):

Profile photo taken with the cameraProfile photo taken with the camera

As you can see, this process is very easy once you know how to do it. It doesn’t take more than a few seconds, and as you can see, success is more than certain.

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