How to clear windows activity history

Likewise, which programs and services you have called up and which films and TV programs you have watched on the PC. In addition, the operating system logs errors and possible crashes of your Microsoft applications and services. On the one hand, Windows saves this data locally. However, if you sign in with a Microsoft account, it also transfers the information to the cloud. You can only delete the data stored locally on your computer, but not view it. With online data, on the other hand, you have the option of selectively selecting individual data records.

Please go to the “Settings” of Windows, now go to “Privacy and security” (Windows 10: “Privacy”) and then click on “Activity history“. To remove the previous history locally, simply click on the “Delete” button. To prevent Windows from collecting any more data, uncheck “Save my activity history on this device”. In Windows 10 there was still the timeline (timeline), which Microsoft removed from Windows 11. To prevent information about your activities from appearing there, switch the “Show activities for these accounts” switch to “Off”.

How to clear windows activity history
You use the Win “Settings” to control whether the operating system logs your activities locally on your PC. It is also possible to delete the information here.

If you have signed in with a Microsoft account, also click on “Manage activity data for my Microsoft account”. Windows then calls up the login screen for your account in the browser and then takes you to the data protection dashboard. There you can now call up the various categories according to which your data is arranged under “Manage your activity data”. After clicking on “Download data” you can create an archive file with “Create archive” and then save it on your PC.


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