How to complain to Wallapop

If you use Wallapop as an application for buying and selling products, it is likely that you have a problem, for example if the product does not meet your expectations after purchase or arrives in poor condition. Due to the filters applied by the app itself and previous communication between buyer and seller, this isn’t usually the case, but if you’ve had a problem and want to fix it, there are ways to do it.

You have the option to cancel and cancel the purchase, you can contact customer service or file a complaint. We will inform you below about the last option.

How to file a complaint on Wallapop

First of all, it should be noted that this type of formal complaint is only possible if you uses Wallapop shipping and automatically takes out Wallapop Protect insurancewhich is intended for these cases.

If the problem is not due to damage during shipping of the package, but to the content itself, there is an option to contact Wallapop Support. It makes the most sense to do this as soon as you receive the package. Then you have up to 48 hours to confirm everything is correct. If you spot a problem, avoid clicking the “All OK” tab and instead opt for the link that appears directly below so you can formulate the complaint and report what happened.

after you stated the reason for the problem and filled out a more detailed description field, you can Add photos of the damaged productto justify the reason for the complaint. Besides the app itself, it is also possible to submit the complaint via email via [email protected] The advantage of this method over the other is that you You can also attach videos to the emailwhich is not allowed in the app.

We also recommend that you detail the cause of the issue when submitting your complaint to Wallapop. Avoid beating around the bush and be specific about what’s going on. For example, the book I bought has damaged corners (and this was not stated on the purchase form). Also, it’s always a good idea to include photos to support your position and maintain the upper hand.

How do I check the status of my complaint with Wallapop?

Once you have submitted your complaint, you can via the chat you opened with the seller in the Wallapop app, check how the process is progressing. There you will see any updates on the status of the dispute. So it’s a good idea to have app notifications turned on so you don’t miss anything.

The seller accepts or rejects your dispute

After you establish your dispute, the seller maximum 72 hours to accept or reject it. If the seller doesn’t respond for any reason, it’s a win for the buyer and the money will be refunded. We remind you that you have 48 hours after receiving the package to submit your complaint. After this period, the transaction will be considered successful and you will lose your chance to file a complaint.

If you don't complain within 48 hours of receipt, you miss the opportunity to do so.If you don’t complain within 48 hours of receipt, you miss the opportunity to do so.

If the seller accepts the claim himself, a code (Spanish Post, Correos) will appear in the chat, with which the buyer must go to a national post office to return the product (at no additional cost) within a maximum of 5 days. As soon as the seller receives the package back, the money refund will be processed. However, if the buyer is unable to return the purchased item, the money will be confiscated by the seller.

If, on the other hand, the seller rejects the claim directly, the dispute will be forwarded directly to the Wallapop Support Center, where the evidence presented will be analyzed in its entirety before a judgment is reached and one of the two parties is right. So will in an indefinite period decided whether to return the money to the buyer or take it from the seller.

Reasons for complaints on Wallapop

There are different reasons why Wallapop users file a complaint. On the one hand, it is possible that the item offered does not match the one you paid for, that it was damaged or broken during transport, that it is defective or even that it does not convince you as soon as you see it in the holding hands, which is also possible. After you’ve selected one of these reasons, which the app itself offers as a summary, it’s time to specify the dispute in more detail, as we mentioned earlier.

Claims Not Covered by Wallapop

Finally, it should be noted that it there are a number of reasons or specific points for which Wallapop does not cover a requirement of this style. The first is that you didn’t use Wallapop Shipping when you bought it, so you don’t have Wallapop Protect insurance.

This can be the case for items that are not allowed to be sold in the app’s terms of service, that are advertised using third-party photos, non-genuine items that are advertised as replicas, the contents of which can be verified, that are broken (and advertised as such items) showing color differences, stains, dirt or other signs of wear and items advertised as “Brand New”.

What to do if none of the above measures work?

If the Wallapop complaint doesn’t work and you still believe you’ve been the victim of a scam, you need to contact the authorities to file a formal complaint, since the application does not have its own options for action. You also have the option to report the seller’s profile and leave a very negative feedback to warn future buyers to beware of this user.

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