How to configure You TV Player

Of the You TV Player can be customized in a variety of ways so you can view content the way you want. In this short guide, we will explain the most important settings that you can make in the app.

Open the You TV Player on your desktop. At the top right you can see 3 dots that you simply press.

Click on the 3 menu items.Click on the 3 menu items.

Then you click application settings.

Click on Application SettingsClick on Application Settings

click on Settings (Settings)

Click on SettingsClick on Settings

In the “General” section you will find various setting options.

  General Settings General Settings

  • The first is Show adult content (Show adult content), which allows access to channels exclusively to people over the age of 18.
  • The next option is Show channels as a grid (Show Channels as Grid), which allows the channels to be displayed in a grid.
  • The “Playback” section begins with “Playback in the background”, that is, we hear the sound even if we turn off the screen. Ideal for watching sports broadcasts when you can’t watch them.
  • Timeout-Provider can change the timeout time. A high value is useful if your internet connection is not very powerful.
  • Of the Slow provider warning offers a switch to more powerful sources if the provider does not respond after a few seconds..

Die advanced options of the player enable control for advanced users.

Advanced options for the playerAdvanced options for the player

  • Under the point Use internal player Depending on the quality of the connection, we can use one or the other player from the app itself
  • Die buffer size determines the number of images your device can handle, the fewer the better.
  • With the color palette the video quality can be changed.
  • Drop Frames allows the app to change the frame rate when your device is too slow to give you the best experience.
  • Accelerated hardware – by enabling this feature we can improve playback quality.

Finally, we come to the area of Push Notifications.

Push notification optionsPush notification options

The notifications sent by the app are managed here, e.g. B. those related to content such as events, news or sports, as well as the messages that arrive in the notification center.

Also, it’s important to know that in the main section of the app, on your profile, you have a heading titled View on PC find.

View on PC optionView on PC option

When you connect both devices to the WiFi network and enter the URL that appears on the target device, you have your content on the big screen.

As you can see, when configuring You TV Player no more major difficulties, so you can expand the customization options with just a few settings.

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