How to control who can see your Facebook posts

On Facebook, you can control which users see the things you post on your wall. This is done via the Privacy Settings. If you go to the menu with the three horizontal lines, you will find the button Privacy shortcuts.

Access to privacy settingsAccess to privacy settings

Among the different options is Review a few important privacy settings (check some important privacy settings). Tap to see more privacy settings.

Control important aspects of data protectionControl important aspects of data protection

Since the goal is to control who can see what you’re sharing, tap Who can see what your share.

Who can see what you shareWho can see what you share

Click on Continueto start the Data Protection Assistant.

Privacy AssistantPrivacy Assistant

First, you have options related to your personal information. Adjust these settings if you think it makes sense. To continue, click Next.

Control Personal InformationControl Personal Information

Click in the area Future posts on Friendswhich is the default option.

Set who can see your postsSet who can see your posts

Choose who can see your posts from now on.

Available privacy protection optionsAvailable privacy protection options

Repeat the process for Facebook Stories by clicking Stories type. If you want to apply the same restrictions to your previous posts as well, tap Limit.

Limit older postsLimit older posts

Confirm this last change by clicking again Limit guess

confirm constraintconfirm constraint

The final step of the wizard allows you to block specific users. To finish, click Next.

block usersblock users

With this method, you’ve changed the default settings for everything you share. However, you have individual privacy control in the post editor.

Control who can view a specific postControl who can view a specific post

If you change this value, the settings will only apply to that specific post. The default settings are still the settings you chose in the data protection assistant.

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