How To Copy Paste On Websites That Don’t Allow It – 2022

Enable Right Click for Google Chrome

  • Simple Allow Copy

Enable copy and right-click on sites that blocked them


– Click browser action icon to enter “copy mode” for current site


– Unlocks copy (for real)

– Remembers which site to unblock for future visits

– minimal overhead (~300 lines of code)

Simple Allow Copy Add Chrome

  • Disable JavaScript

FEATURES – Set the default state (JS on or JS off)

– Set the disable behavior (By domain or by tab)

– Use shortcuts (you can also disable this)

– Use a context menu item for toggling (you can also disable this)

– See your blacklisted/whitelisted domain list

– Add domains manually before visiting a site

– Add base domains that automatically enable/disable JS for sub domains

Disable JavaScript Add Chrome

Disable JavaScript

For Chrome

  1. Go to Settings and on the bottom click on Advanced.
  2. Then Privacy and security.
  3. Go to Site settings, then JavaScript and Blocked.
  4. You can achieve the same result by typing the following line in the address bar:chrome://settings/content


  1. Type the following line in the address bar and confirm if any message appears:about:config
  2. Then you will see a list of Firefox preferences.
  3. In the search box at the top of the page type:javascript.enabled
  4. Then double-click it to change its value from true to false.


  1. Start Opera, then open the Easy Menu.
  2. Search for Javascript.
  3. After, go to Site settings, then select Javascript.
  4. Select Allowed to disable/enable it.


  1. Launch Group Policy Editor, then go to User Configuration.
  2. Go to Administrative Templates, then Windows Components.
  3. Lastly, go to  Microsoft Edge.
  4. Double-click on Allow you to run scripts, like JavaScript, and select Disabled.
  5. Click OK.

Remember to re-enable JavaScript after you copied the content you need. Some sites rely on it, so to avoid future problems, enable it back.

2. Copy from the source code

  1. Press Ctrl + U on the desired page and you should see its code.
  2. Use Ctrl + F to navigate and find exactly what you need.

Note: Besides all the text you’ll see a lot of code, links to images, and other things, but it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to copy them for further use without jumping through few hoops.

3. Other useful methods

  1. Use extensions and add-ons like Disable JavaScript for Firefox.
    for Chrome. There are similar extensions for other browsers, too.

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