How to craft a plunger in Minecraft for Android

The cube-shaped Minecraft world is practically infinite and offers us, as players, thousands of possibilities to unleash our imagination and create whatever we want.

As we explained in our comprehensive guide to the game, the first thing you need is a crafting table to be able to create raw materials, tools and other useful items. Once you have it in your inventory, you can place it anywhere you like and start crafting.

This time it’s about pistons, useful blocks that you can easily use from different materials Wood, Rocks, Iron Ingots, and Redstone Dust can produce. Since they can be a bit complex, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to make them and what exactly a plunger is and what it’s used for.

What is a plunger in Minecraft and what is it for?

A plunger is a type of Minecraft block that has a vertically or horizontally movable spring and serves to move most blocks in different directions, depending on which direction they point. They can push up to twelve blocks in total, as well as creatures and the player himself. They can be placed on your base to protect them, in front of a wall to jump over, and many other ideas. Here’s how to build them.

Pistons in a minecraft landscape with lavaPistons in a minecraft landscape with lava

How to make a piston in Minecraft step by step

collect wood You have to find any tree and hit him with your fists until a log pops out of him. It’s quicker and easier to use an axe, but if you’re just starting out, you can also do it with your bare hands.

Find wood in the areaFind wood in the area

Once you have the wood you put it on the workbenchwhich you have previously built to get wooden planks with which you can continue building.

making wooden boardsmaking wooden boards

Now you need stone. to get him you need to craft a pickaxe. The top is created by arranging three horizontal wooden boards at the top and two sticks at the bottom vertically (as shown in the picture below).

Build a pickaxe out of sticks and woodBuild a pickaxe out of sticks and wood

Remember that the sticks are made by placing two pieces of wood on top of each other.

Make more wooden sticksMake more wooden sticks

If you have the pickaxe, you can to any area with stones go to get stone. Four blocks are enough.

find rocksfind rocks

Now you need an iron ingot. Back then, we showed you step by step how to get it. Once you’ve got the wood, stone, and iron ingot, there’s still the most complicated part: the redstone powder, which we also showed you back then. Once you have all the materials you can go to the crafting table and place them as shown in the picture.

Formula for making flasksFormula for making flasks

if you have them you can finally get the cobadd it to your inventory and use it however you like to move blocks.

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