How to craft a saddle in Minecraft

In Minecraft you can find different types of animals that you can tame to keep as pets. They can help you in battle. But you can also ride them to move faster and cover long distances. To do the latter you need a saddle and here are all the methods to get one, there you can’t craft him.

How to get a saddle in Minecraft

The most effective method, although no less complicated, is to use a saddle in a chest in a dungeon, abandoned mine or temple to find. All of these locations can be found if you explore far enough, but there’s no guarantee you’ll find the chest with the saddle you want inside.

Find a chest in a mineFind a chest in a mine

So you can also check the chests of the blacksmiths in the villages where there is a chance of finding this valuable loot. Speaking of villagers, some of them (the Leatherworker or Peleteros in master level) can us sell a saddle in exchange for 6six emeraldsso you can also try your luck trading with several of them until you find the right one.

Trade with a villager to get the saddleTrade with a villager to get the saddle

How to use the saddle

Once you have the saddle obtained and in hand, simply walk up to a horse, donkey or pig and click on it to place the saddle on it so you can mount when you interact with the animal again.

Trade with a villager to get the saddleTrade with a villager to get the saddle

This allows you to cover great distances in a short amount of time, which is very useful when exploring an infinite and detailed world like Minecraft. But be careful not to lose the saddle, because as you can see, getting one is not easy.

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