How to create a backup in Windows 11

We encourage you to do this from time to time to make a backup copy, especially if you store important information on your Windows 11 computer. Remember that accidents can happen to your computer at any time, resulting in irreparable data loss. While there are some methods to recover lost files on Windows, they are not always effective. So what can you do to protect your documents? Here we tell you.

How to create a Windows 11 backup manually

The manual creation of a backup is one of the easiest ways to create duplicates of your documents and protect them from data loss. Follow these steps to do it yourself:

  1. Connect an external hard drive or memory stick to your computer.
  2. open two Explorer window in Windows and use it to split the screen in half.
  3. Go to the inside of your hard drive in one of the windows. Add a special folder for backup if necessary.
  4. Find the files you want to back up using the second window of the file explorer.
  5. Drag the documents from the original location to the location on your hard drive.

Repeat the process as many times as necessary to create a full backup.

Pros and cons of this method


  • It’s very easy to do.
  • You don’t need any software.
  • You can use any storage medium, from hard drive to SD card


  • This is not an automated process. You must remember to make backups regularly

How to create a scheduled backup in Windows 11

The second possibility to create a backup copy in Windows 11, is to use the appropriate tool in the control panel. There you click on the link Backup and Restore (Windows 7).

Open backup toolOpen backup tool

Click the backup setup button or Set up backupto start the Scheduled Backup Wizard

Start of a backupStart of a backup

Select the desired drive and click Next to continue.

Select diskSelect disk

Decide if you want Windows to decide which files to copy or not. If you have the option Let Windows choose (Let Windows choose) will copy all your important files. However, if you want to add a specific folder, check the box Let me choose (let me choose).

Selection of the directories to be backed upSelection of the directories to be backed up

Check the boxes next to each directory to tell Windows to include it in the backup.

Select specific foldersSelect specific folders

The next step is to schedule when the backup should run automatically. Don’t forget to connect the selected hard drive to your computer.

Scheduling and starting the backupScheduling and starting the backup

In any case, to start a backup immediately, you can always click Backup now click.

Start backup nowStart backup now

Close the Control Panel and wait for the backups to take place at the selected time.

Pros and cons of this method


  • Allows you to make a selective copy of files.
  • Supports scheduling copies so you don’t have to worry.


  • When planning the backup ahead, you need to remember to connect the hard drive at startup.

How to create a full disk backup in Windows 11

Everything mentioned so far are tricks to protect your personal files. However, Windows 11 also offers a way to back up your entire system disk. The best part is that it’s in the same area that we visited before. In this case, however, you must open Create a system image or Create system image click.

Create a system imageCreate a system image

In the pop-up window, select the option On a hard disk (on a hard drive) and select the drive you want to back up to.

Select the drive on which to create the backupSelect the drive on which to create the backup

Follow the wizard steps to create a mirror copy of the system drive. If you ever need to restore them, visit the Restore section in the section Bakcup and Restore (Windows 7) (Backup and Restore (Windows 7)) in the control panel.

Pros and cons of this method


  • Makes an exact copy of the drive, including system and personal files.


  • You need a large hard drive to perform these steps.
  • The total time to create the copy may be long.

How to create a backup in Windows 11 with OneDrive

Finally, here is a guide on how to backup to the cloud in Windows 11. The service that is best integrated into Microsoft’s system is none other than OneDrive. Go to Settings and click Accounts. Then click Windows Backup.

Cloud backup optionsCloud backup options

Click on the button Set up syncing (Set up sync) to sign in with your Microsoft account.

start configurationstart configuration

Enter your profile information to continue.

Sign in with Microsoft accountSign in with Microsoft account

During the process, the wizard will let you know which folder it will use to sync your files. If you click Change Location, you can change the path.

Directory to be backed up to the cloudDirectory to be backed up to the cloud

Finally, select the additional folders you want to sync, e.g. B. Documents, Desktop or Pictures.

Make a copy of other directoriesMake a copy of other directories

Don’t forget: to back up a file, just drag it into the OneDrive folder. A copy is created in the cloud without delay.

Upload a file to OnedriveUpload a file to Onedrive

Of course, if you have enabled syncing of the “Documents”, “Desktop” or “Pictures” directories, you can also in Windows 11 there for a backup copy.

Pros and cons of this method


  • This is one of the most convenient methods. Any changes you make to your documents are synced to the cloud.
  • It serves to have the same files on multiple computers.


  • Dependence on a Microsoft account.
  • With only 5 GB rather little free storage space.

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