How to create a channel on WhatsApp where only admins message

To convert a group into a news channel, first open the App and then click on the menu button (top right of the screen):

WhatsApp home screenWhatsApp home screen

With the menu open, click New Group:

Whatsapp menuWhatsapp menu

Here you select the participants in the group and click on the icon with the arrow:

Create a groupCreate a group

In the next window, enter a name for the group and click on the green one Tick-Button :

Name and foundation of the groupName and foundation of the group

Then press the menu button again within the group:

WhatsApp group createdWhatsApp group created

Now we click Group info:

Whatsapp menuWhatsapp menu

In this screen we click Group settings:

Information about the groupInformation about the group

Here we click send messages:

Whatsapp settingsWhatsapp settings

Finally, let’s change the option All participants in Only admins:

Settings for posting messagesSettings for posting messages

Back in the group conversation, a message informs you that only admins can post content from now on:

Access rights for administrators changedAccess rights for administrators changed

Such groups are particularly useful when it comes to spreading messages, for example from a company to its employees or within a property management. This type of feature has long been a standard on Telegram – in fact, WhatsApp’s main competitor’s broadcast groups have long served to provide various types of information to those who want to join them. And, as is often the case with other features of the App with the paper plane If that’s the case, WhatsApp users will keep asking for similar features until WhatsApp introduces them.

They’re not feature-rich like their direct rival, but WhatsApp’s broadcast groups are just as useful when it comes to sending quick messages.

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