How to create a crossword in Word

Word is a very powerful word processing program. In addition to the simplest documents you can also create more complex content, such as crossword puzzles. If you’re thinking of making one yourself using Word, here’s how.

The first step in creating a crossword in Word is to insert a table. You have to go to the section insert walk.

Insert table into WordInsert table into Word

There you click on the button table.

Area for inserting tablesArea for inserting tables

A menu will immediately appear on the screen where you can choose the size of your spreadsheet. Choose the most suitable option for you. Don’t forget that you add more columns and rows to the table laterif it is necessary in your case.

Table size selectionTable size selection

After inserting the table into the document, create your crossword puzzle. To do this, type the words into the corresponding cells. You can see an example in the following image.

Design the crosswordDesign the crossword

Now it’s time to remove the table borders. Under the option Table design you will find the setting Borders. In the list of options you have to No borders Select. The result should be similar to what you see in the next screenshot.

remove edgesremove edges

To add a border to each word, select all cells that contain a word and click again Borders and then up All borders. Repeat this process with all the words.

Add borders againAdd borders again

Before clearing the table, write down the definitions by assigning a number to each word. Once each term has a description and an associated number, it’s time to clear the entire contents of the table. Then write the number that goes with each word in the appropriate place.

Remove content and add numbersRemove content and add numbers

Align the numbers to the left to make it look more convincing. Once you’ve completed these steps, your crossword is ready to print or export to other formats, such as PDF.

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