How to create a WhatsApp chat with yourself

Some messaging applications allow users to have a conversation with themselves. This is the case with Telegram or Signal. However, WhatsApp does not officially offer this feature in its application. Luckily, there’s a foolproof trick you can use to set up a chat that only you participate in.

How to create a chat with yourself on WhatsApp using the browser

The first step is to open your browser. Tap the navigation bar and enter the following URL:


Enter URL with phone numberEnter URL with phone number

Of course, you have to replace “telephone number” with your own number. It is important that you enter the international area code without the plus sign (+) indicate After entering the URL correctly, you need to press Enter on your keyboard to start the search. You will land on a page that will allow you to start a chat with yourself. Check that you entered the number correctly and press the button Continue to chat.

Start a conversation with yourselfStart a conversation with yourself

WhatsApp will open immediately and display a conversation. This is the chat you should use to send messages to yourself.

An excerpt of the private conversationAn excerpt of the private conversation

How to chat with yourself on WhatsApp using groups

The second option is to create a group with another contact and then remove them from the group. That way you’re left alone and can use the group as a private conversation. To do this, click on the button to start conversations.

Start a new conversationStart a new conversation

Click on New group.

Create a new groupCreate a new group

Choose a single contact to create the group.

select contactsselect contacts

Enter the name of the group.

Name the groupName the group

After the group has been created, it’s time to delete the selected contact. Go to group settings, tap on the user’s avatar and click Remove (remove).

Remove contact from groupRemove contact from group

The next time you access the group you just created, a private chat will be ready.

How to create a chat with yourself by adding your number as a contact

Finally, you will find out how create a self talk on whatsappby adding your phone number to your address book. After creating a contact with your own phone number (including area code), go to WhatsApp and start a new conversation. Open the three-dot menu and tap Contacts.

open contactsopen contacts

Tap your own contact.

Choose your own contactChoose your own contact

Finally tap the button Message under the WhatsApp icon.

Start WhatsApp ChatStart WhatsApp Chat

Chatting with only yourself is useful for some specific tasks. For example, it is possible to use the chat to save private notes or make sound recordings. Other popular WhatsApp tools are also available to you in the same way, such as: B. sending documents, pictures or videos. You can also use this feature to send files from your computer to your phone and vice versa. Just select the conversation you created on WhatsApp Web or on your phone and upload a file. The document will be available on both devices. Remember that anything you send to yourself will be backed up if you a backup to Google Drive create So it’s also a great way to store all sorts of information and keep it safe.

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