How to create and send video stickers on Telegram

Telegram now lets you create video stickers! In this guide we will explain how you can create an animated video sticker yourself using any clip on your device.

How to make animated stickers for Telegram

As mentioned, the app itself already offers a method for doing this. Of course, the developers assume that you already have everything you need… Read on and learn how to go through the process from start to finish: creating the video, changing its format, and finally taking advantage of the built-in tool.

Create the video with Canva

The first step in creating a video sticker is cutting out the clip you want to use. To do this, we recommend a very powerful video editor called Canva. You can download it for free and safely from Malavida.

To use this tool, you need to sign up with a new account. Then on the main screen, click the button at the bottom right to create a new draft.

Create a new design in CanvaCreate a new design in Canva

A list of standard sizes will appear on the screen. Telegram requires that the Video sticker 512 x 512 px in size are. So choose the Custom Size option.

Choose an individual sizeChoose an individual size

Enter the dimensions of the canvas as shown in the screenshot below. To continue, click Create new design (create new theme).

Add element to canvasAdd element to canvas

Your 512 x 512 pixel canvas is now created. Now it’s time to add a new video. You can do this with the button on the bottom left that shows the + symbol.

Enter the correct measurementsEnter the correct measurements

Open Canva’s gallery and select the clip you want to use for the video sticker. In our case, this is a video file with a duration of nine seconds.

Select video from gallerySelect video from gallery

Find the scissors icon to crop the video. Telegram also requires that the clip no longer than three seconds is.

Crop the videoCrop the video

Crop the video and select the section you want to use. We recommend that you choose a clip around 2.6 or 2.7 seconds. Canva usually adds a few extra tenths of a second when exporting, and Telegram doesn’t support the video if it’s a little over three seconds.

select fragmentselect fragment

The export button is at the top right. Tap on it and click on the options selector Download.

Download video to internal storageDownload video to internal storage

Make sure the selected format is MP4 and start downloading the content using the button below.

Start DownloadStart Download

After exporting, the Android share menu will appear. Close them without worrying. The video is already saved on the internal memory.

Convert the video to a suitable format

You already have a video that is 512 x 512 pixels and under three seconds long. But another regulation of Telegram states that the format must be WEBM. If you remember, we exported the clip in MP4 format. So we have to go to an online service of the likes of Convertio to change the extension of the video. Open your browser and go to the following URL:


Use the central button to select the file.

Select files for conversionSelect files for conversion

Tell the browser that you want to select the file from your phone. In the browser, find and upload the MP4 video you exported with Canva.

Open file from internal memoryOpen file from internal memory

Follow the steps below carefully to complete the process successfully. Open the conversion settings.

Open conversion settingsOpen conversion settings

take in tab Video the following changes:

  • Codec: VP9.
  • Quality: 35 (low quality). Telegram does not allow files larger than 256 Kb.
  • Frame rate: 30 fps. Telegram does not support higher frame rate.

Video conversion settingsVideo conversion settings

Next, in the Audio tab, open the drop-down menu below Codec and choose None (remove audio track) (Remove audio track). Again, Telegram does not allow video stickers with sound.

Audio conversion settingsAudio conversion settings

All ready for the conversion! Click the button below to change file extension from MP4 to WEBM.

start conversionstart conversion

Once you’re done, you’ll receive a download link to download your new video clip in WEBM format.

Create the video sticker from Telegram

The last step is to go to Telegram and the @stickers find bot. It’s the one with the verification badge next to the name.

Open Sticker BotOpen Sticker Bot

Start the bot with the button at the bottom of the chat.

Start the bot in TelegramStart the bot in Telegram

give the command /newvideo to create a new video sticker pack. Before proceeding, please note that the videos you send will be published on the web and are accessible to all users.

Command to create a new video sticker packCommand to create a new video sticker pack

Give your sticker pack a name so it’s easy to recognize. This may have to do with the content of your videos.

Name the sticker packName the sticker pack

The next step is to send the WEBM video to the bot. It is important that you send it as a file and not as a video. This way no additional conversion is done.

Videodatei from youVideodatei from you

Write an emoji to associate with the sitcker. That way Telegram will recommend it to you when you type it, as shown in the image after this paragraph.

Link video to an emojiLink video to an emoji

We are nearly finished. Click on the link /publish or enter the command in the text box below. Remember, if you want to submit more video stickers and add them to the pack, you can. Just send additional WEBM files before running the publish command.

Publish sticker packPublish sticker pack

Would you like to add an icon to identify your package? To do this, you must have an image with a size of less than 32 KB and the dimensions 100 x 100 pixels Submit. It is also possible to do this step with the command /skip to skip.

Skip icon creationSkip icon creation

Finally, you provide the name of the public URL of your VideoStickerr package. If it already exists, an error message will appear and you will need to enter a different name.

Enter the sticker pack name for the URLEnter the sticker pack name for the URL

Well! Now you have the public link for your package. Click on it to add it to your account.

Open sticker packOpen sticker pack

In the pop-up message, tap Add 1 stickerto add the video sticker to your profile. Thanks to cloud synchronization, it is available on all your devices.

Add a sticker to your accountAdd a sticker to your account

When you go to a conversation, you can select it from the sticker chooser. It will also be suggested when you type the associated emoji in the text box.

Use the sticker video in chatsUse the sticker video in chats

When you send a video sticker to another user, they have the option to save it to their account. Therefore, avoid sending videos that feature people who have not given their consent.

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