How to create private matches in Fortnite

To create a private match in Fortnite, you have to have special permissionsthat Epic Games offers to certain people: these are usually influencers, i.e. players with a certain degree of fame on the internet who are able to persuade several dozen people to play in the same game. In addition to the influencers, this option is also active for professional players.

Get permits by organizing a tournament

If our profile doesn’t fit the above points, we still have a remote possibility. In order to do this, we need a real tournament organize and email our proposal to [email protected]

Keep in mind that Epic Games will not grant these permissions easily. So make sure your proposal includes everything: interested tournament players, Support from influential people or organizations, advertising, attractive prizes… However, it’s possible that Epic Games will reject our proposal, so don’t think about hosting the tournament just to get the permits. Also, permits can be revoked within days or hours after the tournament.

How to play in a private match

Playing in private games can be done by anyone; you only need two-factor authentication (2FA) and a game key. These keys are usually made public by streamers to play with their subscribers. So all we have to do is search for a Fortnite stream where they are playing private matches to find one of these keys.

If we have the key, we must click en from the Fortnite Home platform Change tap.

We click Change to change the modeWe click Change to change the mode

On the next screen we have to click Custom Options tap.

We click on Custom Options to enter a private game keyWe click on Custom Options to enter a private game key

Now we need to enter the game password and on Accept tap.

We type in the key and click AcceptWe type in the key and click Accept

Finally we must Play! press and waiting for the host to do the same, so we can all start. The wait time will likely be quite long as the game developer will likely want to wait for a good number of players to connect. But the wait will be worth it, because it’s not always possible to enjoy a private Fortnite game.

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