How to crouch in Fortnite

While playing one of the Fortnite modes (Creative, Battle Royale or MTL) we have the possibility to crouch with our character. To do this, we just have to tap the icon in the lower right corner of our smartphone screen.

With a click on this symbol we crouch downWith a click on this symbol we crouch down

If we want to get up again let’s tap the icon againwhich is in the same place.

If we press again, we get upIf we press again, we get up

In case we play with a controller, we have to press R3. And what button is that? Well, while many don’t know, pushing the stick inward is also a button. More precisely, R3 is the button that we press when we press the right stick inwards.

Crouching: strategies and applications

Crouching, also known as crouching, can be used to get into some nooks and crannies. However, it can also provide a strategic advantage in certain situations.

In the squat our character takes up less space on the screen, or in other words, it’s harder for opposing players to target their shots. Some players are even able to continuously fire while crouching and standing, causing their opponents to miss more bullets.

Another strategy is Shoot while crouching behind a building or objectleaving very little room to get hit.

Crouching behind a wall, we're harder to hitCrouching behind a wall, we’re harder to hit

Perhaps the greatest advantage of crouching, however, is that our character make a lot less noise when walkingt. In extreme situations, where we are left with very little health and low shield, crouching can be useful to escape as long as enemies don’t see us. Sometimes they won’t hear or see anything and if we’re lucky we’ll take advantage of this confusion to escape and recover.

Finally, we must mention the major disadvantage of this technique, which is that we are squatting only move very slowly. If we are being chased in the storm or we just want to run through the center of the map, we will have to put our character on his feet to advance faster.

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