How to customize keyboard shortcuts in Windows 10

Windows shortcuts allow you to perform quick actions without lifting your hands from the keyboard and without using the mouse. The most common combinations include Ctrl + C to copy text or images, Windows + R to run a command, or Alt + F4 to close the active application. All of these shortcut keys are predefined and cannot be changed. However, you can create additional combinations and assign them to specific actions.

First you need to create a shortcut for it. You can create it in any folder or on the desktop. To do this, use the right mouse button, select New and then shortcut.

create linkcreate link

A wizard will appear on the screen to help you create your file association. Use the text field to enter the path you want the shortcut to point to. You can choose a folder, a web address, or a specific application. If you don’t know the path, use the button Browse (Search)to find the local resource you want quick access to. On the other hand, if you want quick access to a webpage, enter its URL.

Choose a destination for the shortcutChoose a destination for the shortcut

Now it’s time to name the keyboard shortcut. For this guide we have created a link to Google using the main URL Hence the assigned name Open Google ring. Use the Finish-Exit button.

Name the shortcutName the shortcut

Then open the shortcut’s properties by right-clicking on it.

Shortcut PropertiesShortcut Properties

Click on the text field named again Shortcut Key. Then re-create the key combination you want. You have to follow this pattern: Ctrl + Alt + letter or number.

Assign keyboard shortcutsAssign keyboard shortcuts

After making the changes with the button Apply applied, you can use your new shortcut to reach the destination pointed to by the shortcut. Remember that you can use the keyboard shortcut from any application, regardless of where you created it.

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