How to dance in Fortnite

For the dance we need an icon with a kind Emoji Face find and touch. If we are on the home platform, this will be indicated in the lower right corner.

The icon to touch to start a danceThe icon to touch to start a dance

In the event that we are in a game, this is indicated in the upper area on the right.

In games, the dance symbol is placed hereIn games, the dance symbol is placed here

After touching it, a wheel will appear with the gestures and dances we have previously selected.


In addition to dances and gestures, we can also use sprays to paint or paint a graffiti Emoji demonstrate. To find them we can tap on the left and right arrows.

Graffiti RadGraffiti Rad

How to choose dances

Amidst our inventory of dances, gestures, graffiti, and emojis, there are always some that we might particularly like and want to have more of on hand. We can choose that we want to appear on the first wheel from the home platform. First we tap on the hanger icon.

Tap the bracket icon to open the customization menuTap the bracket icon to open the customization menu

Here we have a series with six fields for dances and gestures; these are the ones that appear on the wheel. We can tap on each field to change them.

Series with dances and gesturesSeries with dances and gestures

Now we just have to tap on the one we liked the most and on Save and Exit tap.

Choose the one you like the most and tap save and exitChoose the one you like the most and tap save and exit

How to get new dances

dances are very popular with Fortnite fans, mainly because very few are free or included with the Battle Pass. The usual way to get new dances is to buy them in Fortnite’s Item Shop. From the Home platform we must tap on the shopping cart.

Fortnite ShopFortnite Shop

Among the various add-ons we can always find other dances that we can tap to continue buying with V-Bucks.

The flow danceThe flow dance

It’s worth remembering that the Fortnite store is updated once a day, including new dances and others that have been there before. Some are from well-known current songs; such as B. Don’t Start Now von Dua Lipa or Say So by Doja Cat.

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