How to delete virtual drives in Windows 10

Virtual drives are often used to mount an image file and avoid burning it to a CD or DVD. Images or ISO files are similar to compressed folders and contain within them a structure of folders and files necessary for installing a software. They are usually represented by the extensions BIN, IMG, ISO or CCD.

Although it is necessary to use special software for creating virtual disks, their uninstallation can be done from the operating system itself. Perhaps you installed a virtual drive for some special purpose and no longer need it. We’ll explain how to permanently remove it from your PC.

Open the first Windows 10 Device Manager. To do this, click the Windows key and type in Device-Manager. If the result is the same as in the picture, click on the first item in the list.

Find Device ManagerFind Device Manager

Now a window will open in front of you with a complete list of all devices connected to your computer. Now find the section with the DVD/CD-ROM drives. Click on the arrow to expand it.

Show list of connected CD drivesShow list of connected CD drives

The devices shown in the list are all devices that Windows 10 recognizes as physically connected. Of course, the virtual units emulate exactly that, which is why they’re included in the list. In the following screenshot you can see that two virtual devices are connected to the computer.

list of driveslist of drives

To remove them, right-click on them and then select the option Uninstall.

Uninstall deviceUninstall device

This drive disappears. You have to be very careful not to accidentally uninstall a real drive. Doing so may result in you losing access to it and having to reinstall it on your PC.

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