How to disable autocorrect in WhatsApp

Surely it has happened to you too: you write a sentence with an unusual word and before you send it via WhatsApp, it is replaced by another one that has nothing to do with what you actually wanted to send. the Autocorrect feature can play pranks on you when you share messages via WhatsApp. If you want to avoid these inconveniences, it is best to disable them. But how?

It is important to clarify that WhatsApp does not contain an automatic spelling correction system. Rather, this is a function that the system delegates to the keyboard application. Therefore, you have to go into the Android settings to disable this feature. Open the Settings app and press System.

Open the system settings in AndroidOpen the system settings in Android

Go to the section that contains the Languages ​​and Text input options.

Go to language optionsGo to language options

Click now Virtual keyboard (virtual keyboard) to access Android’s virtual keyboard options.

Virtual keyboard optionsVirtual keyboard options

On the next screen, click on the name of the keyboard you use by default on your phone. Usually is either Gboard or Android’s AOSP keyboard Installed. But no matter which keyboard app you have installed, the steps are very similar.

Open the current keyboard optionsOpen the current keyboard options

Open the section that contains text validation settings.

Auto text correction optionsAuto text correction options

Finally, turn off autocorrect.

Disable autocorrectDisable autocorrect

Go back to WhatsApp to check Autocorrect is no longer applied. Note that this is an option that is enabled and disabled at the system level. Therefore, from this point on, autocorrect will no longer work in all services on your device that require text input. Unfortunately, there is no way to turn off this feature for specific applications only.

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