How to disable comments on Instagram posts

One of the most used and popular social networks today is Instagram. It brings together millions of users from all over the world and provides a window to post your own photos, videos and stories. Nevertheless, it can sometimes be overwhelming to expose yourself in this way or even to receive unwanted comments or insults. If you want to avoid this, we explain step by step, how to easily disable and hide these comments on your Instagram posts.

To achieve this goal, you have two main options that don’t mean you have to make your account private or do any major customization of this kind. You can turn off comments on a specific new post or in general, limiting your ability to comment to a larger group that includes the accounts you follow and/or your followers. Let’s start with the former method before going into the latter.

How to disable comments for a specific post

The first thing you need to do is open Instagram from your mobile device’s menu.

Open the Instagram applicationOpen the Instagram application

When you upload a post (you know: by clicking the + icon in the top bar and then clicking “Publish”) you can choose any photo you want to upload and its filters or effects.

Start the process of publishing a postStart the process of publishing a post

On the publish screen, you will find the Advanced Settings option at the bottom of the screen.

Go to Advanced SettingsGo to Advanced Settings

There you will find the option to disable comments, which you can enable before posting the photo in question to ensure that no one can comment on that particular post, not even your followers or accounts you follow.

Turn off post comments on InstagramTurn off post comments on Instagram

How to disable comments in general

Go back to the main Instagram menu and click on your photo in the bottom right corner of the screen and then on the three horizontal lines in the top right corner. This will bring up the options menu.

Go to your Instagram profile menuGo to your Instagram profile menu

Choose in the first option Settings or Settings to find a list of different options to choose from.

Select the Settings tabSelect the Settings tab

Click on the button Privacy (Privacy Settings) to bring up the options for that pane.

Go to your account's Privacy tabGo to your account’s Privacy tab

The one that interests you is Commentsso click on it.

Here you can find the settings for the commentsHere you can find the settings for the comments

There you will find two options: “Allow comments from” and “Block comments from”. If you want to permanently disable comments for everyone, you must choose the first option.

The two options related to the comments in your IG accountThe two options related to the comments in your IG account

If you chose this path, you will find four options in this submenu: Everyone, People you follow and your followers, Accounts you follow and followers. Which one you choose will depend on your own preferences, but remember that you can change that at any time. So you can try out the different features to see which one you feel most comfortable with.

Select the comment permission option of your choiceSelect the comment permission option of your choice

With the option to block comments from specific accounts, you can search for the users you want by their @, preventing them from commenting on your posts. This is the recommended option if you’ve already identified a hater and want to shut them up.

This tab allows you to block comments from specific accounts.This tab allows you to block comments from specific accounts.

You can undo this process at any time, so it’s not permanent. This way you can turn off unwanted comments on your posts and keep your feed clean and to your liking.

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