How to Download and Install Windows 11

How to Download and Install Windows 11
How to Download and Install Windows 11
Today we will be Installing Windows 11 from a USB drive. Windows 11 is Microsoft’s newest operating system by it does require some strict system requirements, which can be found below. I will show you step-by-step tutorial on how to download Windows 11 on a flash drive, and then install Windows 11 from the USB flash drive on a compatible computer. You will need a 8GB or more USB Flash Drive. This will be formatted for Windows 11 to be installed.

* Windows 11 System Requirements

* Download the PC Health Check app

* Download Windows 11

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30 thoughts on “How to Download and Install Windows 11”

  1. hi there question..when you fresh install of windows 11 .. does windows 11 come with the internet drivers ( like intel r 1211 gigabite network conection) and sound drivers ( realtek) all ready on windows 11 disk so there is no need for you to use the cd that comes with your mother board and spend 20 minutes install it you can get on the net stright away after you installed windwos 11.. like on windows 10 after intalled it you have to install the internet drivers

  2. My employer has begun the process of upgrading to Windows 11 all new PCs assigned to employees will come with Windows 11 and they plan to have all of the eligible PCs done by March I wonder how much the upgrade experience will differ with enterprise.

  3. PC health check is garbage. This program not doing anything to check health of pc. This not doing cpu overheat stress test,not doing ram test,not doing gpu test,dont have scan options for check drive for bad sectors, it not including any antyvirus,antymalware,antyransomware engine. It only allow to backup your personal data to Microsoft cloud when you login,yep better do a copy of your data for not geting surprise all your data is gone after upgrade. And the second awesome feature of this peace of literally garbage is, this tealing you in in a very nice way,your 2/3 years pc is totall garbage even if it work totally fine,all nice and smooth,you just have to trash it and produce by the way an gigantic increase of electro waste. Its your PC,but we dont like your hardware specs,you dont deserve windows 11.You can install easy this operating system on unsuported hardware,but this is not worth it. This is just diferent colours,diferent looks of things which are already in Windows 10.

  4. Alwyas great videos from you! But i still can't stand Windows 11. I don't like that in Privacy in settings that back ground apps is gone and you have to disable each program through the installed app section and go through each on individually. And still to many clicks to get to where i need when i right click, but with that i would like to see you do a video on speeding up Chromebooks.

  5. So after running W10 on new rig am pretty content.
    Any compelling reason to move to W11 anyone?
    Not a gamer, most app production user.
    Data bases, office products.
    Still enjoying your tutorials been quite helpful during my new build.
    Much gratitude from Texas.

  6. Would like to see a video on installing Windows 11 from the update option Brian as my main laptop is offering this upgrade. My main worry is will my current activation key which is the generic one put on by a Microsoft technician after running into problems with Windows 10 will it be accepted as an activation by Windows 11?

  7. Thanks for the video and valuable advice. I installed Windows on a virtual machine created with VMware Workstation on my Linux laptop, but the OEM licence key I used is rejected and Windows cannot be activated.
    I also tried to do it using Virtual Box on the same laptop but the result was still the same.
    It looks like OEM licence keys cannot be used for activation if Windows is installed on a virtual machine.
    Would you have any suggestions to get around that?


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