How to Download and Save WhatsApp Audios

WhatsApp audios are one of the many communication formatsavailable to you when using this platform. Is it possible to download and save them on an Android phone? Yes, there are two methods that can help you.

Download and save WhatsApp audios on Android

On your phone, open and hold the conversation in which you received an audio message.

Select audio in WhatsAppSelect audio in WhatsApp

Once it’s selected, open the three dots menu to see more options. In this case, the one you are interested in is Share. Essentially, it’s about you sharing the audio data in another application.

share itemsshare items

You need a file explorer that allows you to save files via the share menu. If your phone doesn’t support this feature, download and install a third party, e.g. B. Solid Explorer. Repeat the process to verify that you now have the option to save audio to internal storage.

Choose the file explorerChoose the file explorer

Select the directory in which to save the file. Of course, you can watch the audio content from any compatible application or via your device’s default browser.

Select the folderSelect the folder

This way the audio file will be saved in OPUS format on your phone.

Download an audio from WhatsApp Web or WhatsAppDesktop

An alternative way to download the audios you receive via WhatsApp is using the desktop application or the web version. First you need to connect your phone to the QR code that appears on the screen. If you already use WhastApp Web or the desktop client in your everyday life, simply go to the application in question. Click the arrow next to the audio to see more options. Click on Downloadto continue.

Download audio from whatsapp webDownload audio from whatsapp web

Next, all you have to do is select the directory where you want to save the file. In this case, the OGG extension is used. Most media players support this format, so you shouldn’t have much trouble playing it.

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