How to Download APKs from Google Play Store

Downloading APKs directly from Play Store is only possible through dedicated websites or browser plugins and extensions equipped with this feature, since apps downloaded from there are directly installed without storing an APK file along the way. We’ll show you both methods, but you should know that they’re not 100% infallible. However, they are the ones that can provide the best results.

There are several websites that claim to be able to download APK files from the Google store. The big problem is that they hardly offer any guarantees that this is 100% true. Probably the most well-known website and one of the few that ensures that you always download the exact same file, which is also available on Google Play, is Evozi, where you are even invited to check the integrity of the file with an MD5 test.

To download APKs from this website, visit the desired app’s page on Google Play using a web browser. It’s easiest to do this directly on a computer, since on an Android device you’ll probably always be forced to use the Store app when browsing the web, and there it’s not possible to find the URL of what you’re looking for Easy to copy app.Copy the url or everything after the “=” symbol because this is the name of the package in the store.

Copy the URL or package nameCopy the URL or package name

Visit Evozi now. Paste the copied text into the box and click Generate Download Link.

Paste the text into EvoziPaste the text into Evozi

Wait a few seconds for a download button to appear, click it and the file will begin downloading to your hard drive.

Download link generated by EvoziDownload link generated by Evozi

As for browser add-ons, the vast majority are developed for Google Chrome. Probably the most popular is the APK Downloader.

Once you’ve downloaded and added the Chrome add-on, visit the app’s webpage in Chrome and copy the URL.

Copy the URL or package nameCopy the URL or package name

If the add-on you installed is active, you’ll see a red square icon in the top-right corner of your browser. click on it. A menu will open and select APK Downloader.

APK downloader menuAPK downloader menu

You will be taken to a new tab where you can paste the URL you copied earlier. Do this and click Generate Download Link. Note that you can select your Android version and device so the service will download the compatible APK.

Paste the address and click the buttonPaste the address and click the button

After a few seconds, the same browser tab will reload, allowing you to see the files that make up the app and click to download them.

Files included in the downloadFiles included in the download

To install the app you’ll need Split APKs, an app capable of installing applications that have been split into multiple files, as in this case.

The last option is the APK Extractor. This app doesn’t allow you to download APKs directly from Google Play, but it does allow you to create an APK copy of any installed app. That is, you could install the app from Google Play and then use the app’s APK file. To use it, click the green button here to download and install the app.

Launch the app, you will see a list of all apps and tools installed on the device. Search for the app you are interested in.

List of installed appsList of installed apps

APK Extractor will automatically create a copy of the APK in the directory defined in the settings.

Generation of the new APK fileGeneration of the new APK file

These three methods should provide enough alternatives to get what you’re looking for. However, please note that we cannot guarantee 100% reliability. Keep in mind that each version of Android, device, and app may require different things.

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