How to Download Movies to iPhone?

How to Download Movies to iPhone?

iPhone attracts young people in particular with its increasing quality and eye-catching design in every model . However, almost every iPhone user has similar questions in mind: ” How do I download movies or TV shows to this iPhone ?”. In this article for you, we tell you how to download movies to iPhone , moreover, all our suggestions consist of completely free programs .

How to Download Movies to iPhone?


Crackle ; Platform like Amazon Prime and Netflix . However , Crackle is open to access without paying any fee, unlike many similar platforms. You can download this platform developed by Sony to your phone and access hundreds of movies and TV shows online . You can download most, if not all , of the movies on Crackle for free and safely .

Movies Found Online

Movies Found Online is also a platform that can be easily accessed via iPhoneYou can find all kinds of series , movies , documentaries , animations and stand-ups on this platform . It is also possible to download movies from Movies Found Online , which has such a large library .


Turbodl , which Apple users know very well, is actually an application for downloading music . However, it is also possible to download movies through this application . Namely, after you download the application from the AppStore . You can download the movie you want from these sites. If you can’t find the Turbodl application in the AppStore , we recommend that you search for ” offline browser “.

UC Browser

As the name suggests, UC Browser is a ” browser “. It also offers the opportunity to download many files , movies and music from the internet for iPhone users . After downloading UC Browser to your iPhone , log in to the YouTube site via UC Browser . Find the movie you want to download in YouTube and copy its link. Again , search for the “ clipconverter ” site via UC Browser this time . clipconverter It will be the first site you come across. Paste the YouTube link you copied into the section that says “ Media Link ” on the site and click the “ Continue ” and then the “ Start ” buttons to download the movie to your phone .

How to Download Movies to iPhone?

If you want to watch the movie you downloaded again later, you can add it to your favorites by clicking the blue heart at the top right of the movie screen. You can access the movies you have added to your favorites by going to the Menu and clicking My Videos and then Favorites .

In this article we prepared for iPhone users, we tried to explain how to download movies to iPhone phones . In the internet age we live in, it is of great importance for all of us to be able to watch the movies we are curious about while waiting on the subway, bus or bus stop . We hope that this article we have prepared for you iPhone users will help you have a pleasant time without reflecting the dead times in your daily life on your line bill.

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